Posted by: Fern | May 4, 2008

I Did It All For The… KFC

Last Sunday I sent my alpha male out to hunt and gather KFC to quell my hunger pains. Being the lovely man that he is, he set off on his noble white steed (okay, our noble white Ford Festiva, but close) and dutifully returned with a bag full of deep fried chickeny goodness for me to feast on, he set down the food and told me that he’d suffered battle scars. In the process of moving out the way of someone he’d scraped his hand on a metal sign holder that was sans sign, leaving a fairly impressive cut about 3 inches long along his hand. When he told the staff about it and suggested they do something about it before someone else gets hurt they we completely disinterested about it all and couldn’t really care less.

CutI cried outrage and insisted something must be done, and so wolfed down my Sweet Chili Twister and then emailed KFC HQ about the sharp metal, explained what had happened and that I wasn’t overly impressed with the attitude of the staff. After working in a restaurant for six years, and doing a few months in fast food I thought that they would have at least shown a little concern when a customer approached them with a bleeding hand and pointed out a safety hazard.

I will be completely honest here, I was expecting an email back saying “I am very sorry that you had a bad experience, here, have $40 in KFC credit to cover the cost of your meal. Lots of Love, KFC”. That’s pretty much all I was after, I was a bit miffed about how the staff were, but I figure that a free meal would be enough to cover the pain and mental anguish my husband has suffered.

What I didn’t expect was an email from HQ stating how very serious this was and that the matter has been passed onto the regional manager, I didn’t expect a phonecall from the store manager very concerned about Dan’s well being and I certainly didn’t expect the manager to ask if he could come into the store today to talk about the incident further and see what can be done to make everything okay again.

Cut one week laterSo now this morning Dan has to wander into the Colonel’s lair and discuss the cut on his hand, that despite still looking fairly bad, isn’t looking anywhere near as gory as it did a few days ago, discussing how it’s dramatically affected his job as a “Computer Scientist”, all the while thinking that his wife got him into all this because she was after a free bucket of finger lickin’ chicken.

Sorry Dan 🙂



  1. KFC was trying to save their ass from a lawsuit 😉

  2. You would think that KFC would have just sent you a nice little free coupon or something instead of all of that. Ohwell, at least they care 🙂

  3. i’m sure the regional manager got his arse kicked by the regional attorney, who then told him to make sure he saw the incident personally to avoid further legal trouble. That second picture doesn’t look all that healed. Hope it clears up fast!

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