Posted by: Fern | May 7, 2008

Not Nigella – Now With Added Dot Com!

Last week I discovered that there’s a very similar blog, both in name and subject matter, to my own, plus, the author lives just half an hour away from me. After having a little bit of a tantrum I put on my big girl panties, thought how I’m sure that Not Martha would probably conclude that I ripped her off if she stumbled on this site, but the truth is I didn’t discover NM until many months blogging at NN, and instantly felt somewhat lame and unoriginal, and I’m sure it’s the same case for my fellow domestic Sydneysider.

Just to make sure I did the internet equivelant of pissing on a tree and (finally) bought the url and fixed up domain mapping so as to remove all of the last traces of being a lame hosted blog and hopefully boost up my Alexa/Technorati/Google rankings.

This post should test that my feed url has updated correctly, but if you’re not getting feed updates then please update your readers to point to and I would love you forever if you updated any sidebar/blogroll links to the new domain when you get a chance.

Thank you!

ETA: FeedDemon automatically recognised the new feed so I’m assuming there shouldn’t be problems with the other readers 🙂



  1. I barely noticed. Surely that’s a good thing 🙂

    Welcome to teh .com world! 😉

  2. Oooh purty! 🙂

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