Posted by: Fern | May 12, 2008

A Word For The Wise

When you’re in the kitchen cooking your lunch and you hear your son say “Oh dear” from the lounge, don’t ignore it,. When he continues with “Mum-mum-mum! Oh dear”, don’t put him off and say that you’ll be there in a minute. Whatever you do, don’t wait until he’s involved in a constant stream of “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear” to walk into the lounge to see what the problem is.

If you do, you will discover that your toddler has just poured pasta bolagnase all over himself, the high chair, and the floor. Take a deep breath and step back to admire the orange splat in the middle of your blue carpet that you will now be looking at for years to come, then kick yourself for not coming when he first called.

ETA: Oh, and don’t ignore the lunch you were making previously to write a blog post about how feral your son is. Mmmm, crispy.


  1. Oh no! *lol*

    I’m thinking that outdoors is a good place to feed children… 😉

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