Posted by: Fern | May 12, 2008

I Spy, With My Little Eye…

PICT8128I made my first ever “I Spy” quilt (or Perfect Pair, Two Of A Kind, or any of the other various names I’ve seen this style called) today, it’s also a frayed or “Chenille” quilt, meaning that I need to wash it a few times and those ugly seams in between the squares will become frayed and instead turn into a fluffy border. This is my first time I’ve done this so I have yet to be convinced that it will magically look beautiful after I’ve thrown it in the wash a few times, but I will keep you updated.

The instructions I read years ago said to use two layers of flannelette (wrong sides together, so the back and front of the quilt), I wanted it fairly fluffy and a bit heavier than that, so I tried it with three, always wanting bigger and better I decided that four layers was the way to go. I thought at the time that eight layers of fabric might have been asking a bit too much of my sewing machine, what I didn’t think about was then when joining the strips at the seams it went up to sixteen layers, surprisingly she battled on through though and the only damage suffered was a broken needle as I got towards the end of the last strip. I have abused the crap out of that machine and I’m amazed she hasn’t just called it quits and migrated to Papua New Guinea to get away from me, she either truly loves me or she’s in fear of being replaced by the newer and better models I spend much of my time drooling over.


Declan, he who usually ignores every toy I make him and looks at me in disdain when I put him in the clothes I’ve made has fallen in love with this big heavy chunk of fabric, he’s spent the afternoon rolling about in it, playing Peekaboo and dragging it behind him wherever he goes. I have no idea what the appeal is, and it’s kind of bothering me considering this was going to go into his cot and the last thing he wants to do with it is sleep. I’ve been pointing to the panels and trying to get him to match them up, but I think I may have confused him with all the “Where is your…*insert body part* games lately, as now every “Where is..?” question ends up with him pointing to his own nose or ears, the only two body parts that he’s perfected so far.



  1. I absolutely love that quilt, it is gorgeous!

  2. You are very clever! I look forward to seeing it when it is fluffed up too. Thanks for entering my comp. I like your blog and just subscribed :).

  3. Thank you ladies! 😀

  4. Very cute! I love to make rag quilts but could do without all the snipping but in the end it’s all worth it. Your little one looks like he feels he same way 🙂

  5. Aww! That’s so cute! Great quilt, I’ve been meaning to get into this craft lately, but haven’t had the chance yet.

    Make sure you check out the contest I’m running on my blog!

  6. […] 15, 2008 by Fern Making the I Spy quilt the other day made me realise just how out of hand my fabric had got, I haven’t bought any […]

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