Posted by: Fern | May 15, 2008

String Quilt WIP

Making the I Spy quilt the other day made me realise just how out of hand my fabric had got, I haven’t bought any new stuff for months now and yet I still have a room full of it. A room, that if baby #2 turns out to be a girl I will be losing and forced to share a space with Dan in his office.

PICT8130First I’m tackling my scraps and old clothes, I have about four boxes of usable scraps and clothes that are past their best that I want to cut down to one box. There’s no way that I’m going to throw them out or ebay them so after being inspired by Sillydreamer I decided to start a String Quilt. It’s the perfect project for me, I don’t have to think too much, I can do it in short bursts to fill that sewing urge whilst Declan naps and there’s no seam matching! The blocks are ten inches and so far I haven’t cut a new piece of fabric for it, even the foundation pieces are scraps!

Originally the intent for it was to throw it on Declan’s bed when he goes into one, but Dan has deemed it “too girly”, so I think it might end up homeless unless I can persuade my niece that she wants it 🙂

String quilt updatedETA: I’d promised myself that I was going to leave this alone until the weekend, but I swear watching it grow is addictive, especially now that I’ve completely streamlined the process so blocks are taking me hardly any time to complete. This is todays progress, and as much as I’m tempted to work on it once Declan is in bed I have washing up and grown up things that I’m meant to be doing, I’m putting myself on a strict ban until I’ve at least done some of the things I’m supposed to do!



  1. I want a baby just so I can commission you to make one of these for me! 😉

  2. Lol, Jordan needs a sister! I need to sew something pink! I see a plan brewing here!

  3. I am actually dying to have a baby girl but alas I need a man (that will stick around) first…

  4. That is beautiful Fern!!!! I have no patience for quilting, but wish I did! The results can be so amazing!!!!

    And, the comment you made about Ottobre on my blog–they have really cute stuff in there for boys too!!!!

  5. Where do you get your materials? I am thinking of stealing my mums sewing machine and having a go at a patchwork quilt (something I have always wanted to do). It might give me something to focus on and keep my hands busy and away from eating! LOL>

  6. Claire – over here I’m a spotlight junkie, it’s good for a quick fix but the fabric is overpriced – particularly quilting. I order a LOT of fabric from from my account in the UK, with the exchange rate it works out really cheap, and they only charge $11 for international shipping for 7 yards 🙂

    It a great distraction, every time I get tempted to clean the house I just hop on my sewing machine and all those impure thoughts are gone! 😉

  7. even though i have a rainman living inside me, i really like this quilt.
    and dan doesn’t know what he is talking about, it is not too girly at all!

    also, i tried to comment on your lj, but my new journal isn’t your friend yet. so here it is 🙂

    i’m the only one (hopefully this will change) who has gone for bright and funky. this makes me sad.
    but, you can do funky while still being sensible. i haven’t slept better since my room has been redone. i can’t describe the colour, but it’s like a violet crumble wrapper, only blue. almost a dark peacock type of blue. with a white ceiling, hot pink, navy and orange bedding, and dark blue curtains. and green wardrobes.
    when the curtains are opened, it looks like it would be a horrible place to relax, but, control the light, and it works beautifully. and it gave my inner child much satisfaction to know that it could be done.

    you need to remember, that calm and mellow is only a few steps away from the beige brigade 😐

  8. That looks awesome! I love how fast it goes and how you don’t have to put your thinking cap on to do it. I cut some of my strings 2 inches at one end and narrowed to 1 1/2 at the other for a little more funky look. I can’t wait to see your finished product.

  9. Thanks Marla, it’s getting a little more tiresome the bigger it gets so progress has slowed considerably!

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