Posted by: Fern | May 18, 2008

Not Nigella > Martha Stewart

marthaI’ve had a fairly nice stats spike in the last two days, and it didn’t take much hunting to discover that it’s coming from My Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial has been linked in a list of 22 Pincushion Tutorials, “woohoo! some new blood in the readers pool” says I, then I looked at the list and decided things were even better than that, because I am better than Martha Stewart. That’s right, she may have many things that I lack, a tv show, a huge range of home and craftwares (including her own brand of PVA glue!) and a criminal record, but I have the superior pincushion tutorial, making me utterly fabulous and her just kind of lame 🙂

I recommend if you’re at all domestically inclined to check out tipnut, there’s some great tips on there for frugal living, DIY projects and other home related things!


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