Posted by: Fern | May 23, 2008

Life On Mars – Just Say No!

This bothers me in so many ways, I wish American tv executives would click that taking an awesome British series and remaking it shot by shot with American actors only makes people pissed off, either at the fact that an kick ass show has been butchered, or they’ve tuned in to see a “homegrown version” of a show they’ve heard so much about and it’s crap. The trailer is crazy, it’s like it can’t decide whether it’s a drama, a subtle spoof or a full blown slapstick comedy, it’s like it has ADD.

It worked with The Office because it wasn’t a blow by blow copy, it took the general principal and made it applicable to a US audience, I have no issue with taking the idea and making it your own. But this is just another example of an excellent British show being completely wasted and leaving a sour taste in the mouths of people who actually might have been interested in watching the Pommy version.

I say we remake Heroes just to spite them, Claire can be played by Billie Piper, Stephen Fry gets HRG (or Noah, but I just can’t get used to knowing his name), we’ll have to cast Barbara Windsor somewhere so we’ll make her Mrs Petrelli, and just to complete the cast, and because the UK seems incapable of producing a show without then, we’ll throw in Ant and Dec as Nathan and Peter Petrelli 😀 now we’ll sit back and see how that works out!



  1. I hate the US version of The Office!!!

  2. I agree with Groovybabe.

    However, when they took the format for “whos line is it anyway”, that worked.


  3. I thought the original was crap, and I only watched the pilot of the US version and thought it was just as bad, so I’m not a good judge, but from what I’ve read about the show the general concensous seems to be that the US took it and made it their own instead of making a blow by blow remake 🙂

    WLIIA worked because it wasn’t a character/story based show, it’s a game show, exactly the same reason that Millionaire, Weakest Link etc all translated well.

  4. … Is it wrong that I would still totally watch that? Although since I’m British and it’d have Stephen Fry in, it’d be virtually illegal not to…!

  5. And then they will make a game show of “who wants a millionaires life on mars anyway…on ice” starring Sir Andrew LLoyd Webber, Simon Cowel and Chris Tarrant providing outtakes of people who failed the quiz in various ways across the globe!

  6. Becky – I think there are actually laws written that say that if Stephen Fry is on television it’s considered treason to not watch him 🙂

    James – That sounds awesome, I would totally watch it.

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