Posted by: Fern | June 2, 2008

Growing Up Is Overated

one day oldAnyone remember this little blob? The blob that was celebrated for taking his first drink without spewing it all over the lounge three minutes later, the blob who looked at us bemused when we cheered at his first smile, the little blob who would refuse to let you stop cuddling him for even a moment.

That blob is now running around at full speed, wearing me out, laughing at my vain attempts to get a cuddle and generally being a normal toddler. And today, after waking up to find him balancing on his belly across the rails in an attempt to climb out of his crib, I took the next step in watching him grow up and lowered down the bars so they’re just high enough to stop him rolling out, but more bed than crib. Of course in my usual over-protective way there’s a pile of PICT8215cushions, duvets and pillows on the other side for when he wakes up and decides to climb out, but at least I know that he’s a lot safer tumbling out of that instead of falling from several feet up as his scales the side.

Much to my surprise he happily laid down for his nap, firmly attached to his lion and fell straight asleep, and didn’t even stir when I went in there with a camera flashing away. I was dreading the transfer to a proper bed in a couple of months time, but I think it might end up being easier than I suspected.

Way to go Bedey 😀

ETA: The morning nap went well but I still felt it was a bit high up incase he falls, so I fitted my Nephew’s old bed rail to the side so that he had a gap to crawl out of. According to D this was the most awesome thing in the world, and Sleeping Babeso the afternoon nap went completely out the window, he spent two hours climbing in and out of bed and banging on the door and calling for me to come play with him or sitting on the floor playing with his fire engine. I’m not sure whether it was the change or he just wasn’t in the mood to take a second nap, but it certainly wore me out.

Bedtime was far more successful, he fell asleep without any hesitation and is still sleeping four hours later, once again firmly attached to the dummy and the lion, whether he’ll do a full twelve hours is another matter though…



  1. it’s crazy how fast they grow isn’t it? i still remember the first picture you posted of Declan on here..he was so tiny and so new and so perfect. And look how big he is’s crazy how they’re already their own little person

  2. I could watch a sleeping baby for hours. I hope you got 12 hours!

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