Posted by: Fern | June 5, 2008

And If I Dreamt It, It Must Be True…

So last night I had a dream about giving birth, I had a healthy baby girl, delivered on the 19th of September at 7:50 via an emergency caesarean… at The RUH.

For the link phobic that’s the hospital in Bath, where I attended college, in the UK. Very weird. I’ve been to The RUH once after being concussed by my best friend (remind me to tell you that story sometime!), but my experience consisted solely of a bed in the emergency ward so I have no idea where the idea of giving birth there came from, particularly with a c-section as well.

I love the notice on their website “The RUH is a safe hospital and a clean hospital”. A few years ago it came out that it was the worse hospital in the UK (or certainly one of them), particularly when it came to hygiene, plus it had a high rate of deaths from MRSA, but hey, that must be all okay now, because they say so on their website, and it’s highlighted in red so it must be true!


The crazy storms last night have taken their toll, we’ve lost a tree in the backyard, it’s completely uprooted, and our satellite has been playing up all morning, I’m being forced to watch terrestrial tv! Oh noes!


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