Posted by: Fern | June 8, 2008

Boobie Blog Ban

D:By the way, I bought the domain for my new blog last night
F:Oh right, am I allowed to link to it? (in reference to the fact that both of our families read my blog)
F:Any reason?
D:because I might want to talk about tits.
F:Babe… I’m sure your mother is aware that you appreciate breasts
D:But one day I might want to post a picture of some I like, and I couldn’t if I knew my Mum was going to see them as well, that’s just wrong in so many ways.

One day Declan will be two weeks off turning thirty five, and I hope he’s just as worried as Dan about the idea of his Mum finding out that he may enjoy a nice pair of norks.



  1. he bought ANOTHER domain name for a blog… havent we been down this path before…

    Dan buys domain name
    Dan sets up blog
    Dan blogs once
    domain expires…


  2. Nothing Dan could do would surprise me anymore Fern! Tell him you want the link and that I said I am a big girl now!!!!!

    I also agree with Charm – Dan buys a lot of things he never uses again, not just domain names.

  3. @Fern: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, hey? 😉

    @Charm: Lets not get started on things you use then discard 🙂

    @Nana: Where exactly do you think I got that from??? What was it we were saying about *cough*breadmakers*cough* during the week?

  4. Boobs aside, I just noticed how cute your June banner is!

  5. *Ignores Dan*

    Morgan, I never thought you would go off the subject of boobs! What’s happening to you woman!!!??

    And yeah, it’s totally cute, they’re called Gabus, I can’t find the pattern atm but they’re so quick and easy to make up that I just keep on popping them out whilst I watch tv, Declan has about five of them now!

    I originally made one for Dan to take into work to use as a stress ball, but he said he didn’t want one displayed on his desk, considering what half the people have in their cubes I’d say a cute little crochet alien would fit right in. Pfft.

  6. […] Dan (no link, because don’t forget, it’s top secret!) […]

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