Posted by: Fern | June 8, 2008

Sewing Indulgences

I’m taking my other baby in for a service today, I’ve been very naughty as I’ve been saying for months that she needs a service and in my usual slacking style I’ve left it till it’s urgent. As far as I can tell her timing is off – I used her for two days this week and in that time three needles snapped, considering I normally snap a needle at a rate of about one every nine months and that’s usually when I’m trying to force her to get through 3,782 layers of fabric, that’s ridiculous. The stitches are also looping and skipping and she’s certainly in need of some tender loving care. She’s a battler though, she’s a fairly cheap Brother ($200 I think) and for the last eighteen months I’ve had her she’s been working at a rate better suited to an industrial machine, I rarely go more than a couple of days without sewing something and she’s battled through fat quilts, denims and all kinds of torture.

So to say sorry for being so damn horrible, I bought her some new fabric this week, well, one yard of it was for her to make a new shiny dust cover… the other six yards may have been for me, but in my defence, ALL of them were from the sale section and almost all of them were bought with a project in mind and an intention. Only half a yard fell into the “oh so pretty, will probably never use it but I must buy it” category. I also picked up a brand new darning foot this morning on eBay for about $20 cheaper than I’ve seen them in Spotlight, I’ve been after a darning foot for a while, but as it was more for experimentation the price has always put me off, but now hopefully I will be able to amaze everyone with my free motion embroidery… at least that’s the plan, if I never mention it ever again then you can assume I suck at it and have given up completely. I’m hoping that this will be enough for my sewing machine to forgive me, we can only wait and see.

I’ve also been making the most of Dan being at home for a full three days over the long weekend and using the time to sort out my craft room using Lisa‘s Sewing Room Organisation Challenge. It’s made me realise several things… first that I have to stop storing my Mum’s craft stuff – I have a huge collection of beads and beading supplies stored in there when it’s not something that I hold much interest in, second is that I really need to take up needle felting and finally get around to using some of the large collection of roving I have (again, this was Mum’s fault, we saw it on tv, decided it was the coolest thing ever and next thing you know she’d spent a couple of hundred dollars on setting us up to do it, we did it once and never looked at the stuff again!) and finally that I am insanely grateful that scrapbooking holds no appeal to me, it’s about the only craft out there that I don’t have any supplies for and have no intention of ever taking it up, I couldn’t imagine trying to organise that room if I had papers and embellishments to think about as well.

I may have underestimated just how much stuff I had in there, so we’re heading out today to buy more plastic storage crates and baskets to shove all my stuff into. As nice as it will be to have it finally sorted I do have ulterior motives, my craft room is also our spare bedroom and if it looks lovely then there’s more chance of my mother-in-law coming down to stay and look after Declan to give me a break for a few days, she would flip if I said she had to sleep in the room among piles of fabric and various bits of sewing debris. It should also make it easier to merge it with the computer room if the new babe turns out to be a girl.

Next up is the computer room… I have a feeling that one is a job far bigger than one long weekend!



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  2. […] mentioned previously I’ve been working on my craft room in my spare time, I’ve been meaning to make an […]

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