Posted by: Fern | June 11, 2008

Nothing In Particular

  • Dan is in BrisVegas today for work. Normally he’s online most of the day and we swap the occasional message to update each other on our day so far, like if the boy’s done something cute I tell him or he’ll bitch about whatever problem he’s currently working on. I feel a bit lost today with no one to talk to 😦
  • Our new gardener came around for the first time today, I’m liking him way more than our old one, he even did extra bits without charging any extra so I can’t complain about that. Declan is chuffed that he can play on the grass without getting lost in it.
  • I put D down for his nap yesterday afternoon and heard him climb out of bed and start playing with his books, I let him go for a while as it sounded fairly calm and sometimes he doesn’t want to sleep and just wants some downtime to recharge, after a while I heard him go silent, something that strikes fear into any parent, because usually as soon as there’s no noise it means that something is probably being destroyed, I went into his bedroom to find him crashed out on the floor in a pile of books snoring heavily, he was obviously more tired than he’d thought 🙂
  • I have a load of packages arriving this week, Dan’s birthday present came yesterday (delivered at 9pm!! I was in my PJs and dressing gown and the guy commented to me that I looked like I was ready for bed, well duh!), I’ve got a couple of parcels from eBay coming, new needles and some buttons, fabric from two different places and some baby clothes from a friend (which may or may not be pink! teehee). It’s like Christmas every time I go to the mailbox!
  • The boy has just woken up so we’re about to walk down the road and buy some milk and vegetables, fingers crossed that it doesn’t decide to rain.


  1. Heh, got passed this link today and thought of you guys. Hope all is well 😀

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