Posted by: Fern | June 12, 2008

Those Shipments Will Never Be Processed Now!

We decided that Declan was costing us way to much money and we needed to make up for some of his expenses. So I’ve been cracking the whip and getting him to do several hours a day of data entry for a Columbian drug lord, suffice to say I was less than impressed when I came to check his work this morning to find him on facebook, looking for local toddlers to hook up with and playing Scrabulous. *tuts*




  1. That is too cute!

    I bet he is better at scrabulous than I am LOL

  2. Awwwl! Now I know why you’re better at scrabble than me! You get Declan to take your turn!

  3. Claire – Lol, he taught me everything I know!

  4. So that’s going to be your excuse for losing to me then? 😛

  5. Pfft, Rhys, my excuse for losing to you is that my damn husband takes so long to make a move that I’ve forgotten what game I’m playing, let alone what amazing bingo I was planning on putting down.

    Of course that’s no excuse for the games with just us two… all I can say is that you’re the only person I routinely lose against, which leads me to conclude you must be cheating 😛


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