Posted by: Fern | June 19, 2008

Bags Galore!

PICT8352My little niece’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I still owe her a present, so this morning’s nap was taken up sewing this sweet little bag. Based on this pattern (I made a couple of alterations), it used some scraps I had left over from a quilt so it means it was the best kind of present ever, free! I’m also chuffed that I had buttons to match the tea party fabric, it’s very girly and very her. I’m heading into Parramatta tomorrow to pick up some stuff to fill it with, all the kinds of things that six year olds get excited over, stationary, stickers and maybe some nail varnish if I can find something not too garish.

PICT8354I also made a big shoulder knot bag last week, it’s currently being abused as my handbag, but so far it’s holding up fairly well so maybe I should have more faith in my sewing. The fabric is a beautiful print I picked up from Spotlight last weekend in their clearance, $19 down to $4pm. It has tiny little zebras on it and I love it!

My nephew’s birthday is this weekend, as well as Dans (remind me to never pop out a sprog in June/July/August, I really don’t need to add to the glut of parties we have at this time of the year!). My nephew is getting a drawstring bag in fireman fabric, along the same lines as his sister – filled with goodies that he’ll like. Dan, I’ve got half of his present, I still need to finish crocheting another part of it, and then nag him some more to tell me what to spend my remaining “birthday budget” for him on, something tells me he’s not going to be so keen on a pink flowery bag, despite how much easier that may be.



  1. That’s so cool!
    That’s it, you’ve inspired me way too much with all this sewing!
    I went to spotlight yesterday and I was checking out their sewing machines – the one I like just happens to be reduced by $120!
    Guess where we’re off to this weekend 🙂

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