Posted by: Fern | June 23, 2008

Weekend Crafts

Dan had a three day weekend this week, although I get to do some arty farty stuff during the week, I can only do it during Declan’s nap times, so at the weekend I take full advantage of Dan being around and he watches the boy while I take a break and zone out for a few hours a day, three days of this proved to be very constructive! This is what my weekend produced…

PICT8436Batik! Following this tutorial I created my own waxless batik. Only a small amount, but the resulting fat quarter will probably end up as a new funky nappy for Declan. It’s not as perfect as I would have liked, I didn’t have a fine tip bottle and so ended up putting the resist in a squeezy ketchup bottle, meaning the lines aren’t as fine as I would have liked, it was only once I was finished that Dan asked me why I didn’t just put it in a freezer bag with the corner snipped like I do with icing… wouldn’t that have made so much more sense! It’s something I’ll note for next time. The resulting fabric is a little stiff, I’m assuming that it’s just because there’s still a fair bit of starch left in it, it’s going through with a load of laundry today so I’ll see whether that fixes the problem. All I could think whilst I was doing this is how perfect this project is to introduce kids to batik without having to deal with hot wax and possible burns. I can’t wait until D is older so I can do stuff like this with him.

PICT8364Quickie drawstring bag to hide my Nephew’s birthday presents in. I bought this fabric with the intention of buying a cheap foam kid’s sofa and covering it for Declan, but he got a cool one for his birthday so it’s just been sitting there doing nothing for over a year now. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do with just under three metres of fireman fabric?

PICT8443Another quickie. Dollar store wrapping paper + Ikea mini chest = totally awesome. The paper is just decoupaged onto the chest and then sealed with a couple of coats of PVA. I’ve been hunting around for some cool paper to do this with for what seems like ages, I just didn’t want to spend the ridiculous prices for scrapbooking paper, why did I not think of the dollar store before!? This is me still working on my sewing room, it’s starting to really come together now and look suitably “Fern”. I know if this baby is a girl I’m going to be sooooo bummed to lose this room and have to combine it with Dan’s computer room.

Naked lady artwork is by the incredibly talented David Gough, everyone go and spend lots of money on his prints so he’ll give me kick backs 😉

PICT8440Tiny Sushi! These are still works in progress, I have about four more pieces to make. I found this kit for $2 in a Japanese novelty shop that was closing down in Parramatta, I’ve been meaning to start making Declan a play food set out of felt for ages and never got very far. I bought this kit and a doughnut one with the intention of making them for him, what I didn’t realise was just how tiny they are! That’s a 50c coin they’re next to for scale so you can see how they’re more like sushi for ants, unfortunately this means that D won’t be having them to play with, but I will save the pattern to enlarge them and make bigger versions for him.

PICT8432PICT8435And finally a superbly girly Mini I Spy Quilt. Don’t get excited, I haven’t had another ultrasound and discovered I’m carrying a girl, this one is destined to be sold. There was much cursing as I made it (next time I decide to make my own bias binding instead of just buying it please threaten to chop my hands off) It measures about 23 inches across, with 12 squares to match up and a blank one in the middle that will be appliquéd with an initial once I know who it’s destined for. I didn’t want to be boring and quilt in the ditch again so I stitched to the side of each one, I have no idea what this technique is called, but I really like it, it’s simple and neat but more interesting that just stitching the ditch.


Almost forgot this one! At the moment it’s just a tease, a snapshot of things to come I guess you could say. Unfortunately it will remain that way for the next couple of weeks until some further developments are made. And for all you geeky types looking at it and thinking “isn’t that…?”, yes it is 😉

There’s also a hat I’ve been slowly crocheting for Dan at his request but right now it’s just a black dome so nothing worth photographing.

Not related to anything but I have to tell the world about it because I’m chuffed. I bought an Ikea toddler bed on eBay for $15.50 last week, in almost new condition, that’s cool enough on its own. Then yesterday we went to pick it up and the guy gave us the mattress as well. The auction had “DOES NOT INCLUDE MATTRESS” written in bold all over it so now I’m worried that his wife came back home on Sunday and bollocked him for giving away the mattress as well. So that’s a nice chunk of money we’ve saved, and a little longer we have to wait before buying a proper bed for D, as the next one is the one he’ll be sleeping in until he moves out it’s not something we want to stint on or buy in a hurry. Next weekend’s project is making up sheets for the new bed as it’s crazy toddler size.



  1. Wow! I thought I got a lot accomplished this weekend but that is amazing! I love the batik and I think its an excellent thing to do with kids, I know Amy would love it. That quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Hallo !
    I totally agree that the quilt is very beautifull .. the colors
    jump out at me, so dare I ask you what fabrics you used
    for this mini I spy beauty ? 🙂
    Thank you very much, and have a nice evening ..
    greetings from Danielle

  3. I honestly couldn’t tell you where most of the fabric was from! The majority of it was picked up here and there at various fabric shops or craft fairs, I do know that there’s some Erin Michaels, some Michael Miller, Loralie Designs and Timeless Treasures. The rest of it is just collected over time and wasn’t from any specific designer 🙂

    The backing was some fabric I picked up over the weekend from a church jumble sale for $2 for five metres!

  4. Do you happen to remember where the Linux Tux material is from? My Hubby would love it!

  5. Katie – it’s not fabric, just a photoshop image 🙂

  6. My name is mogura-koubo,who is Needle felting creator in Japan.

    I was impressed to see your Needle felted sushi.

    please come to my blog.My dolls will delight you.

    Yours sincerely.

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