Posted by: Fern | June 27, 2008

The Official Big Boy Bed

Big Boy Bed

I spent a great deal of today sorting out Declan’s big boy room, there’s still some furniture to be moved around and some finishing touches that I’ll sort out tomorrow, but so far it’s looking pretty awesome. Declan thinks his bed is superb to play on, but so far has refused to sleep in it, he’s missed his second nap and is looking absolutely shattered already, so I’m hoping that will work to our favour when it comes to bedtime, I’m also trying to keep him awake until Dan comes home as he settles so much better when he sees his Dad before going down for the night.

Hopefully I can finish it off and post pictures of the whole room tomorrow!



  1. Such a cute little kid! Sorry big boy!!

  2. Followed your trial from Aussie Bloggers Forum…

    Ach, our boy never slept through the night in his own bed until way after 5 yrs old. Oh the sleep deprivation I had – was a raving loony when I look back at it.

    Love the Fluffies, esp. SPOT the dog. I bought some yesterday (RSPCA flufflies) – cow, pig, 2 kitties and a mummy & baby wombat. Bargin bin @$2.50 each.

    Good luck with the new bed Declan!



  3. I hope he is sleeping peacefully in his big bed as I type! Amy is still in her cot, I always planned on moving her into a big bed in time for another baby but no sign of that yet so she gets bigger and bigger and her cot looks smaller and smaller!

  4. Has he got all the familiar things from his cot in the new bed. My daughter was not happy until her cot bumper was put in bed with her. She had grown attached to it it seems.

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