Posted by: Fern | June 29, 2008

AFW Meet Up

Today was the AFW meet up, where I got to eat much chocolate (probably too much) and have some superb conversation with some lovely ladies, Riayn, Christie, Leigh and Veronica. We got to talk blogging, geekery and just about everything else under the sun, and I have to say, it was a wonderful change to have a conversation that didn’t involve discussing Sesame Street or drool.

AFW Meet Up

Leigh and I shared a chocolate, banana, marshmallow and pecan pizza, and I was reminded just how much I love blogging, the plate was barely set down on the table before EVERYONE had pulled out a camera to photograph the crazy chocolate pizza, bloggers have no shame in looking moderately insane for a good photo and something to write about. It was so tasty, but very rich and probably more suited to four people sharing it instead of two. Infact I think that was the case for most of the food there, just a hot chocolate was giving me a sugar high.

AFW Meet Up

It was a great couple of hours, and was nice to put some faces to the names behind the blogs – unfortunately Veronica is missing in the photo as she left before I got up the courage to ask a stranger to take a picture of us. I had a wonderful time and there’s already talk of a get together for “High Tea” in the city, hopefully with a couple of new faces, good company and good food – this is a regular event I could quite get into!

I returned home to find Dan as sick as a dog, whatever I had over he last couple of days he seems to have caught, and I’m starting to suspect Declan might have it as well as he’s far more sooky than his usual self. It should be lots of fun at our place tonight.



  1. oooh! chocolate pizza! my favourite! where did you go?

    ps. you look awesome!

  2. Charm – Oops, meant to mention that in the post, we were at Max Brenner’s in Parra 🙂

    Next time you’re way up north you should lob along!

  3. there are two max brenners near my work. i love them! the white chocolate chai is to die for!

    i should be up in sydney again in August some time… i’ll keep you in the loop.

  4. Oh your picture is much better than mine..I should have waited and posted that one. So sorry!

    It was a great day..can’t wait to do it again!

  5. Wow, the chocolate pizza looks heavenly! I am sorry I didn’t get to join in due to my birthday celebrations, we went up to the Newport Arms for lunch and the round to the inlaws for tea and chocolate cheesecake! Hope your boys aren’t too sick.

  6. Sounds like a greet meet up. It makes me think that I should try and organise one for Melbourne.

  7. Had a great time! Bring on the high tea!

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