Posted by: Fern | July 6, 2008


Over the last few days I have been working my bum off on my new site, Check it out, add it to your feedreaders and blogrolls, if it takes off in the way I’m hoping then it will certainly be a site to keep an eye on.

I have been going flat out and working way into the night (this actually means 11pm, which is drastically late for me now, but not so impressive when I think that I used to happily stay up till 4am writing CSS and PHP before the small child arrived into my life). I’m trying to do it with minimal help from Dan, primarily because then if something breaks or explodes then I will have the knowledge to fix it myself instead of relying on him finding the time to do it. Before Dan crash landed into my life I used to do this all without even thinking, but living with a geek has made me lax, so it’s been a steep learning curve to sit down and teach myself everything all over again and catch up with the developments made since I’ve been out of the loop. I can’t believe the amount of stuff I used to be able to do without even thinking about it that I’ve had to look up over the last few days.

I think it’s time to hand in my geek badge until I earn it once again.

CraftBlog is currently on the hunt for contributors, there’s more information on the site, but if you’re interested in writing something either as a once off or as an ongoing arrangement, let me know and we can have a chat 😀



  1. You have been a busy girl! It looks fabulous, congratulations.

    I am in no way crafty, but really enjoy craft look forward to checking it out 🙂

  2. just had a look at your new site and i really like it. nice clean design and what a great idea for a site. i hope it takes off for you. x

  3. I love the look of your new site and I would really like contribute at some stage in the future. Best of luck with it!!

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