Posted by: Fern | July 7, 2008

Meme Time!

I have to answer 6 questions about myself. At the end of the post, I then tag 6 people and post their names, then go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read my blog. Then, I must let the person who tagged me know when I’ve posted my answers.

6 Places I Have Lived

There’s a similar question to this on the immigration forms, “List every address you have lived at in the last ten years”… I had to add another sheet of paper to the form so I could complete my list!

  • Sydney, 2004-Present, I’ve lived in two suburbs in the west, a daggy little flat and our current villa.
  • Warminster, Wiltshire, UK, 2002-2004, I moved in with my Dad and lived with him whilst I attended college.
  • Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, 1999-2002, I went to my second high school here, everyone over here thinks that it’s awesome that I used to live in Glastonbury, but I challenge all of them to go and see if they can stick it for more than a week, it’s a nice place to visit, but you shouldn’t stick around. My mum and I lived in three houses/flats here, including one not so lovingly referred to as “The Shed”.
  • Wells, Somerset, UK, This was just for six months, but we lived in a really big old place that had been refurbished and split into townhouses. It looked sooo cool from the outside.
  • Bristol, UK, 1997-1999, We lived in a house and a flat during the time we were in Brizzle, and had our car either stolen or vandalised more times than I can count. Weirdly enough I still really like Bristol though.
  • Cardiff, just for six months, I went to a school with 60 students, 6 people were in my year, 12 people in my class (it was year five and six combined). On my first day I was told off for failing a test on Welsh History, and the kids would speak Welsh to each other to exclude me. I really hated living there.

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I would have been just about to turn 12, about to go into my second year of my scholarship at a grammar school (which I was politely asked to leave a year later – apparently if you have a scholaship there are all these crazy rules about actually doing homework and paying attention in class!). My Dad would have just bought his restuarant so I would have been excited about him being only half an hour away as opposed to three hours. I would have just started “going out” with a boy called Richard Harrison, we got together before the summer holidays and met up once with a group of friends to go to the cinema to see Deep Impact, we held hands and it was all very exciting, by the time school started back in September I’d decided that I was more into a guy called Adam and so got my best friend to dump Richard for me. We spoke a couple of months ago, he and his current girlfriend were travelling around Australia and wanted to know if I wanted to get together for a coffee, we got to chatting about it all and I discovered that Rich is still holding this against me!

5 Things on My To-Do List Today

  1. Work more on craftblog, I’m going to email a few prospective contributors and advertisers today, as well as getting more content on there.
  2. Do the washing up before the life forms growing on it develop the knowledge to create fire and weapons and rise up to attack me.
  3. I was going to walk around the corner and treat Declan to fish and chips for lunch, but Dan swiped the tenner that was sitting on the desk that I had allocated for it, so that idea is out the window.
  4. Spend a great deal of time with the boy, he’s been neglected over the past few days as I’ve been working so hard – the “No TV during the day” rule has been thrown out of the window recently as I’ve been relying on the digital mummy to amuse him. I need to make up for that today. We’ll probably do some painting and he’s finally got into sitting still so I can read to him so we’ll probably get through a few books as well.
  5. Put some laundry on the line and put the dry stuff away.

God, my days are boring 😕

Snacks I like to eat

  • KFC is a snack, right?
  • Coleslaw sandwiches, but it has to be my own home made coleslaw so I don’t get these very often.
  • Boost bars – my food for this pregnancy has been Boost Bars, anything sweet will do, but Boost Bars totally hit the spot for me, very weird considering that with Declan all I wanted was lemons and vinegar.
  • I’m really struggling with this, I just don’t snack or eat between meals at all.
  • Neenish tarts – The Aldi brand Neenish tarts are $2.50 for 4 and they are sooooo yummy.

If I was a billionaire

  • I would buy some land and design a house, I’ve had enough of living in houses that just don’t work for me and having to put up with kitchens designed by someone who has obviously never even boiled a kettle, let alone actually cooked for a family.
  • I would move all my family out to Australia and set them all up, they don’t get a free ride, but I’d buy them all houses and then charge them minimal rent, that’s fair, right? 😀
  • I’d buy Dan an Aston Martin, and a Browns season pass, and weekly flights to Cleveland.
  • I would put into action all of the amazing business ideas I have, without being worried about one of them failing or putting my money into something that isn’t going to work out. Having the money would also allow me to do it properly instead of cutting corners, like they say, “the first million is always the hardest”. I shall put Richard Branson to shame.
  • And finally, I’ll be completely honest and say I’d probably have more kids, if we had the money to house and feed them comfortably, as well as put them all through private school and university if they want to, then there’s no way I’d be stopping at two.

6 Bloggers to go next:

  1. Jenni
  2. Dan (no link, because don’t forget, it’s top secret!)
  3. Vanessa
  4. Tracie
  5. Leigh
  6. Rhys

And finally, because I’m easily amused, Bobba Fett meets Flashdance. Best stop motion clip EVAR.



  1. i hate you so much.

    i too know how good aldi neenish tarts are.

    there are none in the house. i live far too far from an aldi. i am now craving them


  2. you are forgiven though, for showing me that superawesome flashdance link.

  3. I think that your days sound great – if you think that they are boring then you loose the knack of going with the moment, which is so important when the kids are little.

    And I would love an Aston Martin too. I would have to put that on the list of cars to choose one from if I was a billionaire. The trouble is I would find it so hard to choose just one 🙂

  4. Fern you cheeky thing to tag me!

    My answers have just been filled out 🙂

  5. You have certainly lived in lots of places – part of me is jealous, part me of dreads the huge pack up to move and the newsprint all over you after packing crockery etc. Blah. Having moved a lot, you will certainly know what you want in a place -more easily defined by what you don’t want!!

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