Posted by: Fern | July 9, 2008

Pammy Vs KFC

Pamela Anderson is entering the Big Brother house for three days tonight, it’s VERY well documented that Pammy is a PETA nut, I won’t go into my thoughts on PETA because I don’t want to enter a flame war with an anonymous passer-by, but lets just say they’re not that flattering.

Whilst she’s here Pamela has decided to kill two bird with one stone and will be contacting KFC to have a bitch at them about their treatment of their chickens… just as soon as she’s done being a guest star on the show that is sponsored by none other than the Colonel himself.

I am greatly amused 😀



  1. That really is quite funny.

    Oh and, woot.

  2. Hypocracy much?!?!?

    Though I thought you were talking about the British one that’s putridifying our airwaves at the moment :S

  3. wow! These are mouth watering big juggs. I love them. I am a big boobs lover.

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