Posted by: Fern | July 12, 2008

I’m Too Sexy For My Bullet Points

  • I have been working flat chat lately, I feel like I haven’t sat still for more than a few minutes, and even when I was sitting still I was still desperately scribbling something down to remember or reviewing submissions for the new site.
  • I am in love with Declan’s current development stage, he’s learning everything so fast now, he says goodbye and waves at everyone leaving the house, he runs around with a fairy wand “pinging” everything (yes, my son has a fairy wand, gender confusion ftw!) and today when Dan was doing the vacuuming, he took the vacuum into the bedroom and turned around to see that Declan has picked up the head and was carrying it in for him. He’s so madly in love with Dan it just completely squishes me up inside to see the two of them together, Declan idolises him in every way. Of course sometimes it would be nice if my son saw me as someone other than “the one that’s always telling me off” or “that chick who’s only useful when I’ve severely injured myself”, but I’m happy he’s so close to his Dad.
  • Ten weeks until the date I reckon I’m going to go into labour. I still haven’t bought a single thing for the new babe, I’m not even slightly worried about being unprepared, we have most of the essentials. I think with the second one it’s very easy to see just how much crap you bought with your first child that you didn’t need. There are a few things we need to get before the birth, but we’re pretty much covered for everything for the first few months. Her head sits on my right ribs 24/7 and she spends her time doing the riverdance on my cervix, and yet this pregnancy is STILL easier than Declan’s. I think that boy was destined to make me suffer the moment he was conceived.
  • We had a rent inspection today and I managed to not claw out our realtor’s eyes – not even when she turned up an hour late and completely destroyed my plans for the remainder of the day. When I felt myself getting ready to have a cat fight I just walked out of the room and breathed deeply. I am proud of my restraint.
  • I discovered today that the world is a very small place, last night one of Dan’s exes got in touch with him after discovering this blog via a mutual friend. I run into two of Dan’s other exes fairly often online and we just have a mutual respect thing going on where we just keep our distance even if we do end up taking in the same thread… helped by the fact that one of them hates me and wants me to die a slow, horrible death. I find it so strange that I’ve been friends with one of her friends this whole time, the whole six degrees thing is completely awesome.
  • I’m looking at developing some patterns to sell, I like the thought of only having to put in the work once and yet continue making money from it. So far they’re still in the sketching design stage but I’m fairly excited about them.
  • Speaking to my sister earlier in the week has inspired me to get back into magazine writing. When I first moved to Australia I dabbled in it a bit and ended up getting two pieces published, but then I had to get a proper job that could actually pay the rent and it ended up being pushed to the back burner. I’ve found a four hour course I’d like to do just to get a better idea of what I need to be doing to push my work, but the next one runs in late August and I have a feeling that pregnancy would have stolen all of my braincells by that point making it all fairly pointless. I might look into it again when baby #2 is a few months old.

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