Posted by: Fern | July 16, 2008

I Didn’t Lose My Mind, It Was Mine To Give Away

There are occasional moments where you go “oh god, this is my life as a mother”. When it suddenly occurs to you that whatever you’re doing, no matter how normal you consider it, really isn’t at all. The first time it hit me was when we were out for lunch, Declan was about seven months old, hungry and going through a weird phase with what spoon he’d use, and so I pulled out some food for him and about thirty spoons so I could work out which one he’d want to use today, and Dan’s Dad commented that he bet I never thought in a million years I would be walking around with a huge collection of plastic cutlery in my handbag. Up until that point it hadn’t occurred to me that it was strange at all, doesn’t everyone do that all the time? No? Oh.

This morning I was deep in conversation with my mother in law, the phone balanced under my chin whilst I sorted out our breakfast, chatting away whilst Declan listened in and laughed hysterically. I was midway through telling her our plans for the day when the fire alarm went off from something highly dangerous and life threatening, like the kettle boiling. I apologised, said to give me a second while I turned the alarm off and put the phone down on the counter, hushed the alarm, picked up the phone again and said “Sorry about that”… and it was only then that it hit me that this was probably slightly more involved that anyone should get with an imaginary conversation into a plastic toy phone, no matter how entertaining your toddler finds it.

If I suddenly disappear of the face of the interwebs, it’s probably safe to assume I’ve been put into a straight jacket and dragged away.



  1. lol thats hilarious! 😛

  2. LOL

    The phone convo is totally me — don’t feel at all insane!

    BTW — I’m another march mommy!

  3. Loving the new wallpaper and logo!

    Still got the mind losing to look forward too… 🙂

  4. Darling, it IS perfectly normal – I used to do that myself!
    Although I do find it tends to stick long after the little darling has passed that stage, but maybe that’s just me 😀

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