Posted by: Fern | July 18, 2008

GD, Abandonment Issues and A Pregnancy Update

I went for my gestational diabetes test today, for those who have never been knocked up it consists of drinking an absolutely minging drink, feeling your foetus spazz out from a sugar overload for an hour and then having your blood drawn.

I obviously couldn’t bring Declan along, I have trouble wrangling him for a regular appointment, let alone one where I have to sit quietly for an hour and conserve my energy to give accurate results, Dan wasn’t able to take the time off work so I had to call my neighbour into service. Not a massive deal you’d think, right? Apparently not. I’m moderately neurotic when it comes to leaving my son alone, I know it’s ridiculous and I know I shouldn’t be this way when he’s almost a year and a half old, but I am. Declan has been left alone several times with either Dan or my Mum when she was staying here, my Mother In Law has had him twice and my Brother In Law has watched him once… so this would be the first time I’d be leaving him with someone outside the family.

I have been panicking about it all week.

So this morning I pack him up with his lion, his dummy, food to last about a week, a list of contact numbers, his favourite toy, spare nappies, spare clothes, sippy cups, panadol, bongella and just about everything you would need to look after him for a week. I took him next door, he fell over himself trying to get to my neighbour to give her a hug then plonked himself in front of the telly. I said goodbye and the little sod couldn’t have cared less, I didn’t even get a cuddle out of him, he waved, said “buhbye” and then closed the front door in my face.

I picked him up a couple of hours later and apparently he’d had a lovely time, only one tantrum and that was due to a fight over juice boxes with her son, other than that, and being completely shattered from playing so much, he’d had a blast. I’m just glad I’ve got the first step over with, now the next baby step for me is to leave him in the occasional day care down at Westfield, and one day I will be able to do all those crazy things that I used to before Declan, like eating a hot meal in a cafe, taking my time looking at clothes or even getting my eyebrows waxed. I know logically that he’d be fine with it, nothing will happen to him and he won’t be scarred for life by me leaving him in someone else’s care for a couple of hours, but I worry far more than I probably should, and I figure if I can’t relax then what’s the point in taking some time for myself?

The appointment was nothing special, my Doctor is concerned about the amount of braxton hicks I’m having this early on, and as Declan came just slightly earlier than he was meant to I was given a fairly extensive talking to about taking it easy and spending as much time as possible horizontal… he obviously doesn’t have much experience with looking after an over-active toddler. No matter how hard I try there isn’t much relaxing horizontal time in my day.

Baby#2 has now spun around and is head down now and eager to make his way into the world, oddly enough my heartburn hasn’t eased, but I can definitely feel the pressure taken off my ribcage since he’s moved. I officially hit the third trimester last week and I’m now on fortnightly visits so everything is feeling very imminent! I guess I should start finally start preparing for the new arrival, I just really don’t know where to start. Meh.



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  2. Well done Declan and Fern!
    That’s is exactly how you want him to behave, having great time and not pining after you at all (well, secretly to ease our egos we want them to be distraught at the absence of the Omnipitent Mother Being, though in practicality it is a pain in the arse!) So well done you for the first independent hurdle and well done him for making it such a breeze 😀
    PLEASE pay attention to the Doctor and take it easy!
    At least get a little tray table to put your laptop on and put your feet up or go to bed, so when you’re writing you’re resting the bod a bit as well.
    Love ya babe – remember, I’m only a little flight away 🙂

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