Posted by: Fern | July 27, 2008

Splutter Splutter Cough

Declan and I are still sick, superbly sick. We seem to be dealing with it in different ways, I’m up all night hacking and spluttering, and he decided to just sleep for seventeen hours straight. Awesome you’d think, right? Not so, see, Dan and I split the weekends, he sleeps in on Saturday and I sleep in on Sunday, on Saturday Declan was up at 6am ready to start the day with his very sleepy Mum in tow, this morning he was up at midday, meaning Dan got two days of sleeping till 12, and I was up and awake this morning panicking that my son was dead when he was still asleep at 8am.

PICT8741I have recently got into cross-stitch, I picked up a new book, Stitch Graffiti: Unexpected Cross-Stitch, for super cheap and have been really enjoying it so far. The patterns are all fairly small and simple so I’m not yet fed up of working on something for absolutely anything and not seeing any progress. I’ve only done cross-stitch once before and that was a very simple kit my mum bought me when I was about eight years old. It’s been nice to spend the weekend curled up under a duvet with Declan working away on this little butterfly with a mug of Lemsip at my side.



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  2. Hope you feel better soon. Bad luck about the sleep in!

  3. Oh dear – hope you’re both feeling better soon. The butterfly’s looking good 🙂 x

  4. *sigh* a 17 hour sleep!
    can he come and teach my son! :p

  5. feel better! That’s a cute xs design – isn’t Heather Holland-Daly the owner of monsterbubbles? Her name is familiar.

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. I used to be quite into cross stitch, I dont think I would have the patience for it now though. I remember I made a forever friends scene once, it took forever but it was my only major project and I was proud of it. I still have it somewhere. My mum made some cross stitch pictures when the kids were born with their name, weight and dob on which i though was quite nice.

  7. I can but dream of 17 hours of quiet in our house! Bit unfair though about the day on which it fell. Why do things like that always happen to the poor sleep-deprived/sick mum??

    Lovely cross-stitch too!

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