Posted by: Fern | July 30, 2008



I spoke to my Mum last night and found out that she will be landing in my adopted home country in FIFTEEN DAYS!!!! It’s all been very up in the air about what’s happening, my Nan has been very sick and I know Mum is feeling very torn over who she should be with, I’ve been panicking about the possibility that she may not have been able to make it out here before the birth so last night’s news was a complete shock. I am superbly chuffed and sooooooooooooo excited about seeing my Mum again… not quite so excited about sharing a house with both her and Dan for three months, but at least they should give me some good blog fodder 😀

*This is Declan’s excited noise, as soon as anything exciting happens he breaks out in the “EeeeeeEeeeeEEEEE!!!”, Dan came home last night whilst we were reading a bedtime story, D heard the key in the door and straight away leaped off my lap with a cry of “DADDAAAAA!! EeeeeEeeeeeEEEEEE!!!!” and then all I could hear was him pelting it full speed down the hall in his little Thomas The Tank Engine slippers to go and greet Dan and get lavished in attention. I think it’s a fabulous noise to make when you’re just so excited you can’t think what to say.



  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    I’m excited for you too. I have no problem with Declan showing his absolute joy at seeing Daddy!! So much for quiet time before bed, eh???

    I’m sure Linda is just as excited about seeing you and Declan as well. As for Dan – well – you can’t have everything can you?

  2. cute baby

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