Posted by: Fern | August 4, 2008

Baby Talk

I have hit that point where I am just so fed up of being pregnant, I’m too big to get comfortable to sleep, and every time I do find just the right spot I have to move after five minutes to reawaken my leg, in fact, right now it feels like my limbs are the only part of me that are getting any sleep.

I had some bleeding last Thursday and so went in and had a scan, everything is completely fine, cervix is still looking good so according to my doctor it was just my body once again telling me to slow down. He can say that as much as he likes, but Declan is not the kind of child you can chill out around. Things should be easier once Mum arrives from the UK in ten days time, I just hope she wasn’t coming over here for a holiday!  The US showed  that #2 has turned again and is now back to being breech, although I have a feeling he’s spun around again since then because the bulge just under my ribs feels decidedly more like a bum than a head. He’s had a growth spurt, previously all of the scans have shown him measuring spot on where he should, suddenly he’s measuring two weeks ahead of schedule and apparently has a huge head. My OB/GYN was looking at the screen and asked “did Declan have a large head?”, I’m like yep, 95th percentile and he laughed and told me I was having another one just the same. That’s probably number one on the list of things my fruit loop didn’t need to hear 🙂 It seems like Dan and I make long babies with large heads.

My Doctor seems convinced that I’m not going to have PROM this time, he has been an awesome Doctor just other than this, he just seems so convinced that it won’t happen again because now my body “knows what to do”, personally I think my cervix is bordering on retarded, because it didn’t seem to have a clue what to do last time and the fact that my Mum had the same problem with her births really makes me think that it’s going to happen again this time round. Being induced is pretty far down on my “I’d Totally Love To Do This Again!” list, and he doesn’t seem to think it’s such a big deal. Meh.

Still haven’t bought anything for #2, I think I need to go out and pick up a couple of sleep suits just to tell my brain that I am actually having a baby, I also need to go to the ABC store and buy a Spot dog for him/her and pick up some sheeting from Spotlight and make a couple of sheets for the cradle since it’s a stupid size that is apparently impossible to find a fitted sheet for. Other than making up some nappies (which I’m leaving till after the birth so I can make them non-gender neutral and also fit them better for #2’s shape – D had incredibly skinny legs for the first six months, so if I have a chubby baby it’s unlikely that D’s nappies will fit him) and doing various organisation things like setting up the cradle, finding the bouncer and giving it a wash, rearranging our bedroom and buying a new chest of drawers for Declan’s room and buying the new pram when the one I want goes on sale again, that’s pretty much about it, not too much to do and still ten weeks to do it all in. Go me.



  1. How exciting!!

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