Posted by: Fern | August 5, 2008

Toddlerisms FTW

I need to start taking notes of Declan’s odd little toddlerisms before he’s at school and I’ve forgotten every bit of what it used to be like having a toddler running around πŸ™‚

I’ve recently been encouraging him to use a knife and fork with dinner, at the moment I’m not pushing the point much, just giving him cutlery with his meal and letting him get the hang of it, I’m also trying to eat with cutlery as much as possible in front of him so he can learn what he’s meant to do that way – kind of hard when my staple for lunch is usually sandwiches! Last night I was watching him dinner, usually he just plays with his fork and bit and generally ignores it, but last night he was making the effort to at least try and stab his food with it, but wasn’t having much luck getting it onto the prongs. He sat there for at least a minute and you could litterally see his brain ticking over and working out the best way to do this, suddenly a lightbulb appeared over his head, he grabbed some omelette in his hand, shoved it onto the prongs of the fork and with a very satisfied grin put the fork into his mouth to eat. I was on the floor laughing and he was looking at me like I was on crack, he was so proud of himself for working it out, bless him πŸ™‚

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the desk when he came up to me, grabbed my hand and put his empty sippy cup into my palm and said “drin” (drink for those who don’t speak toddler), wanting to discourage him from just giving me random demands, I asked him for the magic word, once again the cogs ticked over and he tapped the cup and this time demanded “Drin! Go go go!”, I was gobsmacked and trying not to laugh my arse off as I corrected him with “Drink, please”. I think I need to have words with Dan about how he asks for his coffee in the future, I have a feeling he may not be modelling the best behaviour for his son!

I liked the blobby newborn stage where he depended on me in every single way, I really hated the in between stage when he so desperately wanted to be more independent but just couldn’t and was angry that he couldn’t communicate or do what he wanted to do, but this has easily been my favourite stage to date. Toddlerhood has been the most entertaining and rewarding stage so far, despite being frustrating for all of us at points, just watching him come to terms with the way the world works is so worth every tantrum and stroppy moment that he has when things don’t go his way.



  1. I love the toddler stage too. It’s always been my favourite (even back before I had kids – when I was working in Child Care). Although I’ve been surprised by how much I’m enjoying the older years as my children grow too. My DD is 7 and I seem to be really enjoying her at the moment. Which is nice. πŸ™‚ We’re doing all the mum & daughter things like choosing her outfits together.

    It is a great idea to keep track of some of their little sayings though because you definitely do forget.

  2. Ok…. Now your making me want another one and my “timer” dinged long ago. I miss that age too. They are so smart and you start seeing their individuality more and more. Amazing.

  3. I must admit, I enjoy being at that stage. I occasionally get home, and when Jade appears…I cry ‘PINT..Go Go Go’ and usually, I get a pint of cider appearing shortly afterwards.
    However, she does take a slightly different approach to your ‘Magic Word’ and generally just clips me round the ear asking me to get it myself! But that’s 20-something year old toddlers for you!

  4. James – You need obviously need to train your woman better πŸ˜›

  5. I try, I really do try! 😦
    She’s alrite really, best girlfirend in the world *for legal reasons: other ‘best girlfriends in the world’ are available’*

  6. Pfft, I was your best GF in the world, you say that to all the ladies πŸ˜›

  7. And you say that to ALL the men. And you’d be right πŸ˜‰
    You should start developing a message board on here.

  8. I’m going to try and pretend that you didn’t just call me a slut πŸ˜›

    It’d only be you and me talking, and maybe my MIL every so often, totally not an Internet party I’d want to go to!

    Your new blog is… interesting.

  9. It was born out of boredom. The whole office (8 guys) all add to it.

    I didn’t call you a slut…although they were good times! πŸ˜€

    No, I see your point about the board…but maybe it’s because you don’t have one that people don’t talk on it…

  10. I was thinking the other day how this is my favorite age by far. I wish I could bottle Sofija and keep her at this age forever!

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