Posted by: Fern | August 7, 2008

More Nappy Talk

New D'lishDeclan’s new D’lishes arrived yesterday and ooooo I am in love! It has been so long since I’ve spent any money on nappies that I’d forgotten how exciting it was to have fluffy mail arrive. The nappies are an awesome fit on him, something that we really struggle with as I seem to have birthed a beanpole. With clothes, if something fits him on the waist, it’ll be too short for his legs, if it’s long enough for his legs, then it’ll be huge on his waist. We’re now up to size two (before he’s even eighteen months!) just for the length but no matter how hard I look they just don’t seem to sell baby belts so we can keep his pants on his hips. I should have foreseen this when I chose to breed with a 6ft4 man, but I didn’t expect to have dramas finding clothes for my children quite this early on.

Back to the nappy, the fit is perfect with some room left to grow, it’s as trim as a disposable which means that it fits better under clothes and just generally great. It lasted a full afternoon without any additional boosting which is great considering the amount he drinks. They’re definitely now on my list of brands to buy again, D spent a good part of yesterday stroking his own bum and patting the minkee, so I guess he approves as well. I just wish I could get a clearer picture of how nice the fit is, but apparently he had more fun things to do than pose for me, like jumping on the sofa.



  2. Go the Fluffy Mail! I too have just received 3 new bitti d’ish. Love, love LOVE them!

    Great to have found your blog 🙂


  3. Hmmm….. that nappy looks familiar!
    We are in love with the Itti Bitti D’lishes too, since our tiny man is a skinny thing. 🙂
    I can’t wait till he ‘graduates to the next size – we only got a couple at his current sizing, but one of every hue for the next size up.

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