Posted by: Fern | August 12, 2008

Breathing FTW!

PICT8874Last night was spent lying on the tiles of the kitchen floor violently vomiting into a bucket for no apparent reason.

This morning I woke up and I can breathe, I no longer have even a hint of heart burn and there are no limbs trapped in my ribcage.

Instead I am now walking like I’m carrying a bowling ball between my legs and need to pee about every fifteen minutes.

#2 has officially dropped, not really sure if this is a good thing 😕



  1. definately a girl, no doubt about it!!! x

  2. i had a dream that you had the baby lastnight.
    please pop soon, peeing four times an hour is not going to do you any favours.

  3. Claire – Fingers crossed!

    Carly – No, this babe has to wait another four weeks at least! I’m totally not ready to have it yet, still a bit too early!

  4. Wow! Look at that! My babies never seem to ‘drop’. Probably cos they’re too giant and there’s not enough room.

    Keep baking in there baby! You’re not allowed to come out yet!

  5. Hope you are feeling better Fern. And fingers crossed baby does stay in there for those four weeks!

  6. wow that is a drop isn’t it!?!

  7. Wow, it always feels like they “drop” overnight, but you’ve documented it. 🙂

    I’m voting for it being a girl, too. I swear I carried my daughter in my lungs and then in my bladder. It’d be nice if they could find some middle ground, wouldn’t it?

    Watch that heartburn and vomiting thing, though…best case scenario is a virus or food poisoning…beyond that, though, you could be dealing with gallbladder problems or even pre-eclampsia. Any combo of swelling limbs, headache, and/or stomach issues…get checked right away.

    Please don’t let me frighten you, and I apologize for ranting about this in your comments when you probably just ate something that disagreed with you. But I’ve had two babies at 33 weeks due to PIH that rapidly turned to pre-eclampsia, so I’ve had the warning signs hammered into my head by the docs. 🙂

  8. Hang on in there, mum is packing her bags as I write this, not long now! Hope you are feeling better and are getting as much rest as possible. Lots of love xxx

  9. Keep those legs crossed and yourself calm, ideally for another four weeks but at least until the cavalry arrives!
    It does sound like it would be a good idea to get checked out though, or a call to the midwife and see what she thinks?
    Hope the sickness has passed and that you’re resting when you get the chance, some TV time won’t hurt him while you recuperate on the couch.
    Thinking of you, love and hugs, Jen xxx

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