Posted by: Fern | August 15, 2008

Pregnancy Update – Prob TMI

MUM IS HERE!!!! I am a happy little being, although she’s still knackered after jet lag it’s really nice having someone around to share the weight of looking after Declan.

I went to my appointment today and all is looking good, babe is head down and measuring at 2kg (4.4lbs). I lost most of my mucus plug on Wednesday and I’m still continuing to lose bits and pieces as well as some bleeding, but my cervix is still long and closed so my doctor isn’t worried at all. He also said now that I’ve passed the 32 week mark although it wouldn’t be ideal to deliver now for obvious reasons, if it does happen then there’s a 100% survival rate with no long lasting effects of prematurity. If my waters break prematurely and labour doesn’t begin then they’ll keep me in hospital on bedrest until I hit 34 weeks and then induce me, if labour does begin then from this week on they won’t take any action to stop it. He actually seemed oddly excited when he told me that if I develop PPROM between 34 and 37 weeks then I get the option to go into the trial he’s currently running to discover the best way of dealing with premature rupture and non-responsive cervixes, guinea pig-dom here I come!

I still feel like this baby is very imminent, I know I sound like a crackhead, but I just have this weird feeling inside my gut- with Declan I was two days off with my guess of when he’d be born. I have a feeling that this one will want to arrive on the 19th of August, just to ruin my birthday plans on the 20th – a guilt free and most importantly CHILD FREE day at the stitches and craft show, something that I doubt I can do with amniotic fluid leaking down my legs. I do feel happier now that my Mum is here and I now have her to fall back on so Dan can be with me if anything happens and Declan will still have someone he’s familiar with, and I’m less scared after speaking to my Doctor about survival rates and what the process would be if my waters do break early again, so at least I’m a bit calmer than I was yesterday.

I picked up all but a couple of things (why are granny panties so hard to buy???) today for my labour bag, so at least that is good and ready to go if anything should happen. For now I’m just taking it easy and trying to avoid too much activity or stress.

And if anyone wants to name my child, go for it, I can’t believe we’re getting so close and still haven’t agreed on any boys or girls names. I’m honestly thinking of putting naming rights up on eBay if this keeps up.



  1. James, call the little one James! It will work well for signing x-mas cards…

    “..Fern, Dan, Declan & James *kiss kiss*”

    And for a girl,

    Call her Rose, again, it looks nice on the bottom of a card, and keeps an almost floral theme on the girly side of your life.

  2. I vote Silus but that might just be me watching too much Weeds.

    Glad to hear your mum is there… and that you’re resting! You are resting right!

  3. I vote AMY for a girl (because I am biased) and my husband’s top choice for a boy is MUNGO. Yes, you got that right, he actually likes Mungo. (I will completely understand if you choose not to go with Mungo!)

    Yay that your Mum is here, I hope you get to enjoy a few more weeks of rest and relaxation with her before the bub arrives.

  4. Good luck for the next couple of weeks, what an exciting time for all of you 🙂

    I think you need another “F” name, just to even things up….lol!

    Rachel xxx

  5. Very glad to here all is well and that you are resting and chilling out. I’ve got a 19th vibe as well, but I was hoping for it to be September, but that doesn’t too likely now!
    To keep with the F for a girl, how about Florence 🙂
    and maybe Fred for a boy?
    Jen xx

  6. oh yes! F names for a girl!

    i vote for Finn

    or Paige

    or what about Owen for a boy.

  7. Okay, I want to say thank you for your suggestions, but srsly, you guys suck at this!!

  8. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and your mum’s there! Doctors are too funny…they try to be so good with patients, but underneath they’re just seeing us as little research subjects. 🙂

    Like I said in my comment on your last post, I had two at 33 weeks. If you start feeling panicky, email me and I can tell you the specific issues we had to deal with and some of the others we could have.

    Since Rachel suggested “F” names to make things even it has driven any other ideas out of my mind…how about Fiona? The problem I’m up against here is that I’m in the US and trying to think of names with a Brit/Aussie sensibility…and probably going about it all wrong. Are baby names pretty much international these days?

    Maybe you should start by telling us what sort of names you really, really love/hate?

  9. okay…. i’ve been thinking.

    how about Floyd!!

  10. Hmm.. how about Fiona for girl and Dux for boy. Have a safe and happy birthday!

  11. I take it you didn’t like my Fred suggestion! (for a boy that is)
    Well, it just came to me and is in-keeping with the floral idea…
    hmm, but now it’s actually there and typed out I’m not so sure, how about… Freya…
    A good strong name, but with a softer side too.
    🙂 xx

  12. I vote – “Talula does the Hula from Hawaii”


  13. Girl: Moyra, Llewelyn, Amelie

    Boy: Nash, Orion, Ghee

  14. Hercules, Brooke, Brendon or Timmy for a boy,

    Leanne, Rachael, Tiffany or Ford Fiesta if its a girl

  15. I second Amelie! also Chanel 🙂 Sorry but I suck at boy names.

    Hope you get to make it to the stitches and craft! I wanna go so bad but can’t afford to 😦

  16. Happy birthday! I take it there’s no baby yet lol – enjoy the child free day!

    I’m sitting here trying to think of ‘F’ names, and have tragically given it a lot of thought 🙂 how about:

    (Felicity Treacy has a nice ring to it… Plus it sounds quite British, but was also a character name in Neighbours! Bonza)

    (Fletcher Treacy! How cute is that?! ‘My little boys, Declan and Fletcher Treacy’ 😀 also, it sounds like a potential neighbours character, and was Ronnie Barker’s character in Porrige, so has a tenuous UK link lol.)

    Ta daaaa! xx

  17. Is this enuff justification for a ‘Not Nigella Chat Room’?

    I like the idea of Felicity or Fletcher! Go Sian!


    Pop it out soon!

  18. Whoops! I misunderstood the time zone trickery… it must be your birthday by now? Lol xx


    I think a NN chat room is definitely the way to go.

    Well done Sian, I really like Felicity and Fletcher to, they have an air of stardom to them!

    Fern, have you been busy in labour or nattering with Mum, a whole week and no posting! Anyone would think you had a toddler to look after, another website to run, and family to take care of as well as yourself, okay so you’re busy but we miss your voice xx

    Hope all is well, lots of love, Jen xx

  20. Jen – “I think a NN chat room is definitely the way to go.”

    I rest my case!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I made the same timezoneous mistake.

  21. Oooooh! You’re so close! I really hope (and pray) that the labour goes well.

    How about Henry? (Harry for short), or Alexander?

    Oh – Rose? Anita?

  22. Been keeping an eye on this…

    2 votes for Rose! and if it’s a boy, Ross…means at leats if you start knitting clothes with the name on, you only have to worry about the last letter…

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