Posted by: Fern | August 27, 2008

The Foetus That Couldn’t Stay Put

My pregnancy Declan was relatively uneventful – although the labour was a bit traumatic for everyone involved, and his first year of life was less than perfect with the reflux problems he had and refusing to sleep the night until he was 13 months old.

This pregnancy has been the other way round, my morning sickness was even worse than with D, my heartburn has been worse, and I’ve spent almost four weeks now bleeding on and off. The midwives at the birthing centre now suspect that my hindwaters broke in the early hours of this morning – info dump for those not in the know, the forewaters are what gives the big movie style gush and is an emergency, the hindwaters are just an ongoing trickle, although they are a concern it’s not a dash to the hospital as I had with Declan. Hopefully they should reseal themselves, at the moment I’m (still) under instruction to take it very easy and to call as soon as I get the slightest hint of an actual labour (HAH!) or my forewaters break.

My OB/GYN said that so long as I hit 34 weeks he’ll be happy, that’s only two days away so I’m feeling fairly calm about everything, I (or Dan) will keep you updated if anything actually happens. I’m hoping that all the drama this babe has caused me while he/she is inside me is a sign that I will have a fabulous birthing experience and first year with him.



  1. good luck with it all x

  2. All the best hun – thinking of you!

  3. Your blogg is almost like a slower version of the Truman show!

    Whoo, baby on the way, go Fern.


  4. I’m still guessing you’re having a girl…because of all the drama. 🙂 Good for you on staying calm, it probably helps a lot to have your mom there to help. Will be watching for more updates…and I’m especially anxious to know the name you end up choosing.

  5. Come on little one — you need to stay put!! I hope that all goes well and the waters do reseal so your little one can bake a while longer!!!

    And I will say, I am getting anxious to learn if your hubby shot the stem off of the apple or not!!!!

  6. Lol, Tracie, I promise you’re not the only one!

    Thanks for the support everyone, everything is going well, just spending a lot of time in bed or on the sofa!

  7. Just checking on you! Hoping that baby stays put a little longer. Take it easy mama!

  8. Here’s hoping all goes well when the time comes, glad to hear you’re resting and it’s a relief that mum is there to help you – Good luck honey, we’re thinking of you xxx

  9. Hope that you are well and that your birthing experience is truly fabulous!

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