Posted by: Fern | September 9, 2008

Day Nine Of Confinement

I heart my Doctor, this guy is so laid back it’s insane, although as he’s a high risk specialist and I’m not overly high risk I guess I’m old hat to him, but considering it was sheer luck that we ended up with him as opposed to a referral or anything I am so chuffed. He’s come to see me almost every day since I’ve been in just to say hello and check up on me, he’s just lovely and I really think his relaxed attitude is going to make a world of difference to my labour and birthing experience. In fact (almost) all of the staff in here are lovely, the midwives are (generally) superb, even the catering staff doing the crappy jobs are so friendly and Declan’s paediatrician has come to see me several times to say hello and make sure I was still growing the bub. There’s just such a friendly atmosphere that is making my stay so much easier.

Before all this happened Dan and I were thinking of cutting back on our health insurance and going public again if we decided to have another child, the care just didn’t feel like it was worth the $40 a week, but since coming in, and particularly knowing that I’m going to be in here for a total of 25 days it completely feels worth it. I’d be scared to get rid of the insurance now just in case we do have another babe and the same thing happens, there’s no way they would let me sit around for almost four weeks in a hospital bed in a public hospital to just make sure the baby wouldn’t spend any time in special care. Plus, although there was nothing wrong with the majority of the care staff in Auburn, it was very obvious that they were over stretched and didn’t have the time to do their jobs as well as they would have probably liked.

I’m hoping and praying and crossing every bit of me that this babe is a girl. I know if it is then there’s no way I would even consider getting pregnant again, although there’s no health risk to me, and only a small health risk to the bub, I am struggling enough being away from just Declan and being in hospital for this length of time, I couldn’t imagine doing it with two children to look after. Plus it’s very much in my mind that with Declan this happened at 37 weeks, with #2 this happened at 34 weeks, what if my membranes rupture at 30 weeks with #3? Although my chances of going into labour are very low, there is still a risk that I will, and even if I don’t go into labour, then there’s 5-6 weeks that I will be in hospital and away from my other two children. My mum (who is doing an awesome job taking care of Declan) has of course said that if we do decide to have a third (and last – no matter what gender!) child then she will come out in the final months to help and to cover me if I do end up in hospital long term again, so that will help, but even knowing that, it’s still not something I’m going to even consider until #2 has hit three, just to make it easier on everyone.

I was talking to my cellmate yesterday about it all and she said that it just makes you so jealous of the women whose primary concern is getting a single room in the hospital. I wouldn’t wish anything onto anyone, but the last week has really brought things into perspective for me, right now my focus is 100% on hitting full term and having a healthy baby, no matter the gender, how it gets here and what pain relief I take.


  1. I still think its going to be a girl! Although I did have a dream after your last post that you had a boy… x

  2. Gosh I bet that is hard but hang in there, all the girls on March Moms and More are thinking about you!!

  3. The private hospital/fund experience is definitely the way to go Fern! Just think how small the double room was at Auburn! $40 is a lot per week, but peace of mind with your own Doctor and great surroundings makes it all worthwhile. These experiences remain in your memory for a lifetime!!

    Now – think girl, sleep girl, talk “her” not “him” and think girl names only. Ha, I just realised it doesn’t matter what you do does it? The sex was predetermined 35+ weeks ago. That said, I hope it is a girl for both of you (but also just a teeny weeny bit for me too)!

    Stay positive and get plenty of rest.

  4. Hang in there! just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you (even if I am a stranger!), I was on bedrest for 4 months! (and in and out of the hospital) with my son. He’s fine but it was pretty awful (his sister was 4 and I am a single mom without family help so it was hard…very hard…give that mum of yours a kiss or two extra). Anyway, my sons name is Declan too! A VERY uncommon name here in the U.S….we get de-CLAHHN a lot…anyway it will all be over soon enough.

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