Posted by: Fern | September 10, 2008

Day Ten Of Confinement

I’ve hit boredom now, I’m not particularly frustrated or even upset about being in here any more, just bored out of my skull and counting down the days. Oddly enough the days seem to pass fairly quickly, I’m up at 7:30 for breakfast, have my obs taken, watch some morning telly, get my CTG done, have coffee and cake, jump in the shower and before I know it it’s lunchtime already.

My doctor came around this morning to speak to Dan and I about the delivery, I’ve pretty much decided that getting an epidural as soon as the induction begins is the way I’m going to go. For a long time I was really affected by Declan’s birth, and the amount of trauma involved and I think a lot of it was caused by my insistence that I could go without an epi and not being prepared to have one, and by the time I did finally decide on it then it was too late PLUS the morphine had worn off and I was taking in so much gas I was completely delirious and remember nothing of his birth or the first few hours afterwards. I will fully admit this time round that I have a very low pain threshold and a natural birth is not for me! As soon as they shove a needle in my hand I want one in my spine as well, my Doctor has said that it will be a walking epidural so I won’t be confined to bed and will hopefully still feel the need to push. I just hope I swear less than last time!

It sounds so crazy to say that in nine days we will be a family of four. I think Declan is going to deal with it far better than I previously thought, he seems to have taken all the recent changes completely in his stride, one of the few things I will say I did right is getting him into such a set routine, so long as that isn’t messed with too much he’s a wonderful child, and although he’s going to have to learn to develop his patience a bit more once the new baby is here, I think so long as his routine doesn’t get played with too much then he’ll cope fine with it all.

I have another 24 hour gate pass this weekend so I have one weekend to do all the last minute things and get everything sorted, I must say, it’s very convenient knowing exactly when I’m going to have a baby, it makes all this planning much easier!



  1. Wow – amazing to be able to say that sort of thing, isn’t it? Suddenly everything seems so much more immediate.

    I had a surprisingly good experience with an induction and epidural. When I say ‘surprisingly’, I guess it’s just that there I wanted to go natural so badly that I assumed intervention would suck. Anyhow, I was induced, had the epi, and apart from not being able to walk around because the epi was a lopsided and one leg was numb, had a ridiculously easy and simple labour. Breathed through contractions that I could feel but didn’t hurt, no tearing or cutting, bub just slid out and started to talk (takes after his dad 😛 ).

    I hope it all goes well 🙂 I’ll be keeping an eye out here to keep up with everything.

  2. I just still can’t believe your little one will be here next week! Our bubs will just be a couple of days apart from one another!!!!

  3. Hang in there honey! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest and quiet time, as Nana Trudy says the next time you can have Fern-only time could be a long way away.
    Glad to hear you’re in good hands and the hospital bods are being good to you, although you might want to check those meds you’re taking, the last post sounded errily brainwashed by your happy surroundings! 😉
    I spoke to Sue at the weekend and she wanted to know when the bets on #2’s arrival were open, though the odds have changed a bit now. I would like to point out that I did have a bet on for the 19th Sept anyway! Somewhere around 7.45 though I can’t remember whether I said am or pm, it’s buried somewhere in your comments! Lets hope the little one arrives naturally on the day, just to confuse their plans 🙂
    Thinking of you every day, lots of love being sent your way xxx

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