Posted by: Fern | September 18, 2008

Day Eighteen Of Confinement

Now with pictures! Although they’re fairly poor quality, this place really needs to improve its lighting!

Last ever belly shot

Last ever belly shot! 36 weeks 6 days, babe is engaged, to the point that the midwife who checked me this morning commented that he’s so low that limbs will start falling out soon. He’s also a big boofer, during a check a few days ago they commented that size wise he feels more like a 40-weeker than a 36. I have big babies!

I’m really not feeling the love for tomorrow, with Declan I was so excited about giving birth, this time I know what’s coming, and I’m just dreading it! I’m trying to think positive and think that it may not necessarily be plagued with the same issues as D’s birth, but the fear is still very much there.

Card from the March Moms group who have been awesome in keeping my spirits up and keeping me entertained over the last few weeks. The flowers were from the flower lady who comes round every morning to spray the flowers and remove any dead ones, every morning she’d come into our room and we’d tell her that we have no flowers. She felt sorry for us and so brought these in before my cellmate left yesterday!

I had a new cellmate within a couple of hours, another girl with ruptured membranes, although she’s term. She’s nice enough but doesn’t embrace trashy television like my old roomie, I don’t have anyone to watch Dr Phil with!

Stitch Graffiti Heart I’ve been embroidering a lot since being in here, I’m sure it’s some form of irony that I started cross-stitching a couple of months back because my Doctor told me I needed to spend more time sitting still and relaxing because the way I was going before put me at a high risk for pre-term labour. I did some at home, but I’ve only really got sucked into it since I’ve been stuck in hospital for exactly what he was warning me about.

I’ve been doing some freehand embroidery as well, but no photos of that as I’ve been sending it home so I don’t have lots of little pieces of fabric laying around here with designs on.

Now I’m just waiting for my in-laws, my Mum, Dan and the boy to arrive to visit me, I figured with that many people I’d even make an effort to get out of pyjamas and put on some make up! I almost feel human.



  1. Good luck tomorrow Fern! I’ll be thinking of you – hope it all goes smoothly. Can’t wait to hear about the new babe (once it’s out). xxx

  2. Well I just called your place and no answer, so they’re probably on their to you.
    I wish you all the best for tomorrow, stay positive, it may well be easier this time, I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly 🙂
    Love the pictures – your bump looks just like mine did, although my lack of height made me look more weeble than human I think!
    Thinking of you and sending you happy place vibes 🙂

  3. Good luck tomorrow Fern! I’ll be thinking of you. I hope the birth goes smoothly and you’re holding your new bubba sooner rather than later.

    Will be hanging to find out how everything is going!

    Lotsa love & easy labour vibes luv!

  4. Good luck!
    I know you will do great!
    Check out another great blog,
    at Wadi Whispers
    It was created by an Aussie in the United Arab Emirates.
    I dont know if just googling the name will help.
    Tell me how the birth goes!

    (I’m pregnet with my first,
    and I havent told my sis because she is a nun!
    That is also why I’m single.)

  5. Hey! I just checked out the thing at the top… your profile I believe its called. Like how you are descriptive.

    By the way im 7 months pregnet with a girl.
    Do you have name suggestions?????

    (I know this is ment to be comment leaving!)

  6. Hiya Fern… Just letting you know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope mum and bub are well!


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