Posted by: Fern | September 19, 2008

Introducing Connor *something* Treacy

Connor Treacy

It seems I just had a baby! He was taken to special care a few minutes after being born due to some complications (I’ll talk about all that in a future post), but he’s fine now. He’s now breathing on his own, he’s been transferred out of the heat crib and into a normal one, the next step is just having him feed without any aid, at the moment he’s taking formula through a tube in his nose, I’m going in in a few hours to try and boob him for the first time and hopefully some skin on skin contact will make him slightly more alert and happy, all of his blood tests have come back fine, he was completely limp at birth so I have no idea of APGAR scores or anything – everyone had other things to worry about!

The birth was awesome, I told Dan straight afterwards that if I could have a birth like that every time we could have twenty more kids! It was the polar opposite of Declan’s birth, just really wonderful, I could just do without the big scare at the end of it! Dan was great throughout, I think he enjoyed this experience far more than watching me scream and swear for twelve hours!

PICT8967He doesn’t look a great deal like Declan, his colouring is much darker and instead of D’s very fine light brown hair he has a head of very dark wavy hair. Haven’t seem his eyes yet so I can’t report on them, but I assume they’ll be the same grey/blue that Dan, Declan and I have. He has ten fingers and ten toes and at the moment I’d say he has his father’s nose – one of the traits that De missed out on!

Connor ???? Treacy
3:07pm Friday 19th September
7lb 11oz 56cm

*edit*: Fern = Maths FAIL 3.5kgs = 7.7lbs which is 7lb 11oz not 7lb 7oz. She just wanted to fix the Baby pool so she’d win it…. — Dan.

He has no middle name yet! I’ve handed that over to Dan completely as Connor was my pick of the names, there are a few we’re throwing around, I’ve told him to come back in the morning with a definite name for him so I’ll update you when that happens.

And just so he isn’t left out, this is my blue eyed boy on his last ever day as an only child, if only he knew what was to come!

I’m not sure when I’ll be out, it depends on how Connor does with feeding, but I’m hoping to be home with my family by Wednesday at the very latest.



  1. OMG well done you!!! You’ve been so brave!!! Congrats to you all as well. How long were you in labour? I take it was a natural birth as you said it was easier? I was wrong about the sex! Ha! He’s a nice big size for a early baby!! Imagine if you’d gone to 40 weeks!!! He’s just completely adorable, Fern! Yay you! xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome baby Connor! So lovely to check in here and see pics of your new baby boy, so glad he is doing ok now and you are feeling good. Take care and enjoy all the firsts!

  3. Congratulations Fern. So glad that all is well now. He is beautiful. Lucky I am pregnant already because the photo of such a new baby, made me incredibly clucky! Hope the feeding goes smoothly for your both.

    Welcome to the world little Connor!
    WELL DONE Fern! It sounds like all went much better this time and we’re happy to hear that you are both healthy and well. Keep us updated on the little one’s progress.
    Once again, congratulations – you did great!
    He’s a little beauty as is his big brother 🙂
    Here’s hoping you’ll all be home together soon.

    Lots of love,
    Jen, Dom & Jordan
    xxx ooo xxx

  5. Ahh! he looks so sweet. How terrifying though.. I bet his eyes are blue. 🙂

  6. Congratulations you guys! Welcome to the world Connor 🙂

    Glad after a scary start he is doing well..and you are too!

    That is a gorgeous pic of Declan 🙂

  7. Welcome to the world Connor, love from Grandad Mark XXX
    Love to you as well Declan XXX. Well Done Fern, your family look wonderful, so glad everything went well. I am looking forward to coming over to see you all soon. You’re doing a great job of looking after my family Dan, Fern is very lucky to have met you( and Dan you’re a really lucky sod to have met Fern! but I’m sure you already know that) All my love to you all, Dad/ Grandad XXXXX

  8. Well done you!! He’s a sweetie, I’m really happy for you 🙂 xx

  9. i’m so glad to hear you had a good birth experience (not including the bit you’ll elaborate on later) and that Declan was happy on his last day as an only child. Wish I was there to hug the baby and congratulate you on this new life…

    Am so pleased for your newly bigger family!

  10. Congratulations!!
    Welcome to the world baby Connor.
    Well done Fern, I am so glad it went more smoothly than last time.
    He is so adorable. I am glad to hear you are both doing well now. Keep us posted with the little babe’s progress.

    lots of love
    Kate & Ted

  11. Well done, Fern! He’s absolutely beautiful, and so big for being early! I’m one of the ones who predicted a girl, so I guess I shouldn’t go in for fortune-telling anytime soon. 🙂

    Hope all continues to go well and that Connor takes to his feeding like a champ.

  12. Aww he’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! I’m so glad all went well for you 🙂

  13. Congratulations Fern.

    Massive blog reading session…i’ve been away for a week. Connor looks lovely. Now De has a little brother to play with.

    Hope you are feeling ok? And that Dan etc are coping with working around you?

    All will be fine from now on, i’m sure of it. Have an excellent weekend and I shall continue celebrating my Birthday…see…i even stopped the celebrations to check on you!

    Much love
    James & Jade.

  14. Congrats hun!!! I was gonna say, he doesn’t look like Declan compared to Declan when he was a newborn… and then I read the rest of your post and I was right hehe. Get well soon, am wishing you, bub, and family well 🙂

  15. so happy for you Fern!

  16. Nice work mama! He’s bee-yoo-tiful! What a little sweetheart!

    I’m so happy it all went so well for you!

    Congrats sweets!

    Love Dom & the rest of the tribe ❤

  17. Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world baby Connor! I bet Declan will be an awesome big brother. 😀

    Well done to you Fern, he’s a beautiful little fella. 🙂

  18. Congrats! He’s gorgeous! 🙂

  19. You did it!!!! Another beautiful babe. Who cares about the math Dan, he’s gorgeous and you both make stinking cute kids. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you both. Mine’s 16 years old now and I want to start over. (Did I really say that? Shhh…)~Jil~

    Glad to hear the birth went well and hope the little guy has perked up a bit now that he’s discovered what boobs are!

  21. Congratulations!
    You have two adorable boys!

  22. Congratulations! Connor is just gorgeous!

  23. Congratulations! Welcome to Connor and all the best to your family.

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