Posted by: Fern | September 21, 2008

Connor Update

Dan made his decision this afternoon and Connor is now officially Connor Lorne Treacy. The forms are filled in and will be sent off tomorrow and then that’s it, set!

babe #2!He came off the monitors and out of the nursery yesterday morning and is doing great so I feel a bit better talking about what went on. I basically dilated from 4cm to 9cm in less than an hour and then my body started evicting him without much warning and the slow transition of labour. He went into distress and his heartbeat dropped so there was no slowing me down and waiting for the Doctor, just a rush to get him out asap, Dan played the role of the second midwife and took orders and ran around grabbing things for the MW delivering. Connors head came out without any dramas at all, no tearing at all, but at that point we discovered that the cord was wrapped around his neck, too tight to slip over his head, so that was cut instantly and he made his way into the world, completely limp and blue.

They whisked him straight onto the heat bed whilst three midwives worked on him with oxygen, stimulation and trying everything to get him going. I could just see his little hand, watching them pick it up over and over again only to see it flop down and hearing them talk to him and encourage him to pick up, it’s all very surreal. After five minutes they said it had been too long to keep trying there and so called our paediatrician and took him straight down to the special care nursery.

It was four hours sitting around in the birth suite waiting for the epi to wear off and for someone to actually take care of me, I delivered his placenta, my doctor finally arrived and apologised profusely for not making it, I took a shower, had some dinner and was finally allowed to go and see him just before seven. The general consensus was that he was just shell shocked at the delivery, his oxygen levels were great, his blood tests came back clear, and he was breathing fine, he was just suffering from some real stress from coming into the world at that kind of speed, combined with the cord being around his neck really affected him.

He took his first feed from a tube, managed his second on the bottle (thank you to the anonymous mama who donated her milk!) and by his third was on the boob, he’s taken a while to get it, but his latch is great, he’s just a very lazy feeder, we’ve been doing better today and he’s becoming more efficient, down from over an hour each side to just 45 minutes now.

I’m feeling great, healing well and the worse complaint I have is backache, totally different from D’s birth!

First meeting!
Declan isn’t overly interested so far, he poked him and announced “baby!” just to clarify incase we weren’t sure what I’d birthed, when he was visiting he would just lean over at him and giggle, I’m curious to see how he’ll be when we come home on Tuesday. I think he deserves more credit than I’m giving him, I think he’ll adjust a lot better than I had previously thought.



  1. I want me one of them!!

    Thats an interesting name, Lorne. I like it a lot actually. What is the background behind chosing it?

  2. I was just thinking, it’d be interesting to see a picture of declan when he was born and see if he looks like connor xx

  3. just beautiful Fern!!
    Congratulations xxx

  4. Congratulations Fern! So glad to see a healthy mum and babe at the end of it all. Hope all goes well when you get him home.

    Special Care is a whole other experience, isn’t it!

  5. Well done girl, you managed it brilliantly again, so proud of you, you really are the mummy of the family! Glad to hear you are recovering so well too. Enjoy the rest while you can, sounds like you will have your hands full when you get home! We are all thinking of you
    lots of love,
    Auntie Sue xxx

  6. I’m so glad he’s doing great, I can only imagine what a scary time it would have been seeing him limp. And he’s so stinkin cute, you’re making me ache for another!

  7. Well done to both of you!! Glad to hear that the traumatic time has passed and you’re both enjoying some bonding time after the whole thing. Pleased to hear that it was much easier on the bod this time, which will make recovering much quicker – though still rest when you can!
    Declan looks like he’ll make a great big brother! 😀
    Very pleased to hear you’re all doing well, we’re thinking of you and sending lots of love 🙂

  8. Congratulations Fern, I’m very glad to hear that everything turned out so well for you. Connor is gorgeous!

  9. Congrats Fern!

    Wow, two kiddies. I can hardly believe it. I still remember our times of sitting around eating chips with garlic mayo – kids ourselves.

    Take it easy, babe.


  10. I just came across your blog and wanted to say congratulations!
    One year ago, my little guy came out the same way…he ended up in the NICU for 5 long days for a protocol treatment but, like you little one, I think now he’d have been fine w/out it.
    It’s a horrible thing to see the little floppy body that you long to hold right away being taken away from you. I’m glad Connor is well now! 🙂

  11. p.s. He’s beautiful!

  12. Awwwww…. gorgeous bubba! 🙂

    That must’ve been such a scary time… *hug* I’m glad it all resolved without hassles. The things our babies survive – eeek – like when my Bubba Boy was born, the midwife found he not only had a knot in his cord, but a full-on true-knot-caused-by-too-much-gymnastic-work thing that would’ve done for him if it had tightened. Cripes.

  13. Big Congrats – he is truly gorgeous!

  14. Congratulations, he’s beautiful!!!! Great job! 😉

  15. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy.

    I just came to your blog via and noticed that your new baby was born exactly one month after my new baby girl was born. She also had a stay in Special Care after a very fast delivery. Well after reading that I just had to say hello from us in Melbourne. 🙂

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