Posted by: Fern | October 31, 2008

The Lights Are On, But No One’s Home!

)I am alive, I promise!

I’ve been MIA lately, my time is being monopolised by two small beings, and my brain doesn’t seem to be able to function enough to type complete sentences – I’ve only barely been keeping CraftBlog alive and that’s more because I don’t want to lose the audience that I’ve put in all that hard work to develop.

Connor is a sweetie, he’s had a few restless nights, but overall he’s a happy little thing, he’s just starting to coo and is thinking about smiling, or at least frowning less. Declan is still being a lovely big brother, although he’s been sick for about a week now so that’s been a bit of a battle, tantrums that would have been manageable previously have turned into complete meltdowns. He’s recently become obsessed with drawing, cars and, after I showed him how he can get cartoons on demand via YouTube, computers, I can’t even go near my laptop without him grabbing the mouse and demanding “ROARY!!!!”.

I’m feeling a lot better physically this time around, I’ve already lost 20lbs and I’m only another couple away from my pre-pregnancy weight, unfortunately my brain doesn’t seem to be coping quite so well. I’m fairly certain that about half my brain cells went along with my placenta into the medical waste bin! I am in a constant state of dippyness, with all essential knowledge pushed out of my head to make way for the Thomas & Friends theme tune and instant recognition of every Sesame Street character ever.


For everyone that’s been nagging me about updating, I will be doing NaBloPoMo once again this year so things will pick up around here, although I can’t promise enlightening content every day, I will make sure to at least put up a photo as a snapshot into my day to day life 😀



  1. oh my! look at that bubba belly! he’s adorable!!!

    and the second pic. so cute.

  2. oh gosh he’s cute Fern! I hope Declan feels better soon, Sofija just got over a nasty cold that she had for over a week and if he has the same bug..well I feel sorry for him already!

  3. OMG! Connor has Gar Gar’s belly!!! I didn’t think it would be hereditary???

    He is just gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my hands on him.

    Big brother was baby sitting, eh??? Give them both bigs kisses from us.

    Love ya

    Nana Trudy

  4. Hurrah,

    More musings from the other world.

    Children look happy. Nothing wrong with drawing or cars, I combine the two quite regularly..come to think of it, it involves Thomas the Tank Engine too.


  5. Great to see you’re doing well and fantastic news on the weightloss!

  6. They are both so cute….

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