Posted by: Fern | November 2, 2008

My Little Artist


For the last twenty months I have moaned that I had birthed a Mini-Dan, that Declan was a clone of his father that didn’t contain even the slightest hint of my DNA, and that he was going to grow up without the ability to even draw a stick figure. Turns out I just had to be patient! He has now become obsessed with drawing, colouring and playing with fabric and yarn. He now churns through colouring books at a furious pace and if I leave out my cutting mat and ruler he will retrieve some fabric and a tape measure from the sewing room and carefully lay it out, measure it all and line everything up, usually with a tape measure draped around his neck, I know that if I actually left any scissors out then my entire fabric collection would be shredded within minutes 🙂 Previously I would have said that he was destined to be a computer scientist or an engineer, but now I’m aiming for a graphic artist or fashion designer!

Of course this has its downsides, I have become an expert at removing crayon from the furniture, and have discovered that leaving a biro within reach is a guaranteed way to become the proud owners of our very own piece of artwork displayed about three feet off the floor. Despite the cleaning I am very proud that he’s taking an interest in something I love so much. I’m looking forward to him being a little older so we can start creating together and cover the house in poster paint and sequins.



  1. well nobody care for artist. Its same every decade every century.

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