Posted by: Fern | November 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us


Anniversary CupcakesOn November the 3rd I sat on Dan’s lap, held the camera at arms length and look a picture of us together… it’s now four years, two children and about 15kg (and that’s just me!) later! I love this picture, it’s a snapshot of the day all of this began, plus I look smokin’ hot, I wish I still had the time (and inclination) to keep my eyebrows that neat.

Mum has taken the day off to go shopping, so we don’t have any grand plans. Declan has been superb today so I was able to make some cupcakes with heart sprinkles to mark the day, Dan has celebrated by watching sci-fi shows in the morning and going to sleep in the afternoon 😕


  1. Happy Aniversary indeed! Neither of you have enough wrinkles to be parents to two boys!

  2. Good man! Nothing wrong with a snooze in the afternoon of your anniversary…surely that shows he is comfortable and has no worries of any kind!

    Congratulations! Means it’s now heading towards my 5 year mark! Time to start making long-term plans I do think!

  3. Sarah – Hah, why do you think there’s never any recent photos of us on here! We’re old and haggard now 🙂

    James – You’re not allowed to make anything official until I’m rich enough to go back to the UK for your wedding 😛

  4. Hey Auntie Fern, It’s your favourite niece btw. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Umm, I’ll get mum to call you soon k?

    Love you bye


  5. Happy annerversary xxx

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