Posted by: Fern | November 10, 2008

This Is… My Favourite Quote


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.Scott Adams

I am self taught in all of my creative pursuits and although it took me a few years to get there, this is now the rule that I create by. It takes more unpicking, more fresh sheets of paper and more frogged pieces of crochet than doing everything perfectly first time would, but when something fab arrives by pure mistake, it makes all of that extra effort worth it 🙂

More “This is” at Three Buttons.

Helicopters have been buzzing around the house for about ten minutes now, Dan and I walked out to see what was going on and one of them flew by only a few foot above the roof. There’s been a fairly big accident about a hundred yards down the road, interestingly enough, the first one that I’ve seen since we moved in here, fairly impressive considering we live on a main road with six lanes of traffic outside our front door. There’s a mass migration of residents making their way down the road to go and gawk at what’s going on, desperately hoping to see some gore, the human species is very odd.

ETA: The crash made the news, apparently it was started by a “race brawl” at the local maccas that led to a police chase both passengers survived, but not much left of the car, article here.



  1. Just as your camera dies…grrr…we wanted gore!

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