Posted by: Fern | November 18, 2008

Puts A Rose In Every Cheek

Since Connor was born Declan is fast learning self-sufficiency, he’s decided that if I’m busy then he may as well just take care of himself, a couple of mornings ago after we woke up I came out of the toilet to find that he’d already pulled the milk and raisin toast out of the fridge, placed the milk by the kettle in preparation for his morning cuppa and was trying to pull the tag off the bread to get into it.

DSCF1193<– Apparently this morning I was taking too long with breakfast, because at about eight he walked into the lounge like this.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like, my son eating Vegemite by the spoonful, what can’t be captured by the camera was the sounds that accompanied this, the “MMMMM YUMMY!” and the smacking of his lips normally reserved for very expensive chocolate and lobster thermidor. Not for the most disgusting food ever invented by mankind, probably just for the purpose of winding up tourists and laughing as they pull amusing faces after ingesting the stuff.




  1. that’s just gross LOL

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