Posted by: Fern | November 19, 2008

This Is… My Favourite Thing From Nature

This was an easy one for me! I am very grateful to be named after a plant that I actually like 🙂 I love Fern leaves in all their various forms, and can’t go past a fabric shop without having a check to see if they have any fern leaf fabric to add to my collection, I have fern jewellery (which unfortunately rarely sees the light of day now due to my son being part magpie!) and even had ferns in my wedding bouquet.

I went through all of my photos trying to find a fern picture, I knew that any I had were still trapped on my broken laptop, but thought that my Mum was sure to have some hidden in her holiday snaps from New Zealand… apparently not! just under eight hundred photos from a month in the land of the silver fern and she managed to not get a single picture of one of them! I instead turned to flickr and found this beautiful picture of a sprouting frond, I love the curls and shapes formed here.

More “This is” at Three Buttons and a big thank you to Angela for all the work she’s done hosting 😀

(Photo credit & thanks to Jaime Walsh)


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