Posted by: Fern | November 20, 2008

Wonky Log Cabin Mini Quilt

Wonky Log Cabin Mini Quilt front

Sydney was hit by a superb electrical storm last night, lightening that would illuminate the entire bedroom, even through the blinds. I love big rainy storms, but can’t deal with them once thunder and/or lightening starts, I eventually became freaked out enough that I got out of bed and came to sleep on the sofa so I could be in the same room as Dan, no joy, that just left me laying on the sofa wide awake whilst working out an escape route should lightening hit our home.

After calculating the risks involved of lightening hitting my sewing machine and frying me, verses the possibility of laying awake all night quietly panicking, I decided to take the bold decision and start sewing to take my mind off the activity going on outside, I needed something involved enough that it would completely absorb me, but small enough that I could finish it in a few hours because my time on the sewing machine is so limited at the moment… and probably will be until Declan and Connor are in their teens 😀

And so the wonky log cabin mini quilt was born! Measuring 12×12 it only just comes under the “mini quilt” label (one size up and it’s a doll quilt), I’m not 100% sure whether I actually like it, this was me attempting to reach outside of my normal fabric and design preferences and although it was nice using different fabrics (repros of 1930s floral prints), it’s just not very “me”, but I am reserving my final decision for when it’s quilted and bound.

Wonky Log Cabin

The back of the top is fab, I just love seeing all those seams, to me the front just looks so effortless and the back shows how much work went into it.



  1. Your quilt is adorable! Sorry about the storm–sounds nerve wracking.

  2. I hate thunder and lightening too!! That quilt is fantastic though!! I really need to start purchasing material to make my patchwork. It wont be anywhere near as creative though!!

  3. Oh your little mini is just adorable !

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