Posted by: Fern | November 21, 2008

Completed Wonky Log Cabin

wonky log cabin mosaic

I have taken about 58,968 pictures of this damn thing and none of them are doing it any justice, the shadows from the stipling are drowning out the blocks, but I promise that it looks awesome in real life, just so long as you ignore the terrible binding – that’s something I just have to keep on practising πŸ˜•

I ended up backing it with a vintage pillowcase I picked up from St Vinnies for about 20c, it ties in really well with the other fabrics, the binding was a fat quarter from yesterday’s Spotlight trip, the green was meant to pick up the green in the yellow/green/purple fabric in an attempt to pull it out a bit more and make it look less lost against the stronger colours, but (IMO) it didn’t work. Poor fabric choice Wonky Log Cabin Labelon my part, I should have just stuck with the purple, pink and blue, but once I’d built the blocks there was no way I was pulling them apart again! This is my first ever officially “finished” quilt, in that I actually bothered to label it, the Fern repeat makes me happy and I have ordered some little silver charms that say “made with love”, I left on the table, not any old table, but Declan’s drawing table (where we have conditioned him so much that that’s the only place he can draw, he had a breakdown when I suggested colouring in at the dining table last week, pointed his finger at me, said “NO!”, took the crayon and colouring book off me and took them straight to his “drawing table”!*), after taking the photos and when I returned he’d made his mark in purple crayon on the label, I love it πŸ˜€

I would like to turn the wall behind my sewing desk into something resembling this or this, at the moment it will just be me, but in a couple of months when I actually have some more free time from the babies and the ability to keep to my commitments I’d love to get involved in the doll quilt swap and get some other people’s artwork up there as well.

Whilst quilting it my feed dog plate slipped and the needle went through it, breaking both the needle and the plate. I swore considerably and intended on putting the quilt to the side and waiting until I could buy a new plate, until I clicked that as it was a more expensive machine than my old one I could probably lower the feed dogs and just be done with the plate. So I hunted around the back, found the lever to lower them and OMG it’s a totally different experience. I used to battle whilst doing any free motion work, the plate added so much thickness that it made it so difficult to move the work about, but with the feed dogs lowered it’s soooo much smoother, my stitches are neater and I’m having hardly any thread breakages.

Whilst I’m talking about sewing, Dan and I went out to Penrith yesterday to Spotlight, they had a huge selection of quilting fabrics priced from $3-$8pm… I may have indulged a little bit, but in my defence, I did have a $40 off voucher, so it could have been far, far, worse πŸ˜‰ I also picked up some Thomas The Tank Engine fleece at 50% off to make a blanket for Declan when winter comes along, he’s currently going through a Thomas obsession and I don’t see it ending any time soon. SL were their usual speedy selves, the chick serving us decided to turn around and have a chat with her co-worker mid cut about how the new ticketing system wasn’t working, whilst Dan and I are battling with a bored toddler and hungry newborn, I’m surprised they could hear themsleves think over the screaming, let alone hold a conversation. It’s taking all my will power to not go to Auburn this weekend, with my UK card, and seeing what their selection is like and buying more, especially considering I have another -$40 voucher ($100 min spend, boo). They had a really nice selection in the $3, and 33m of quilting fabric for $60 sounds freakin’ awesome to me… but is it entirely sensible? Hmmm.

*Not the only time he’s told me off, earlier in the week I hurt myself somehow and shouted, only to get a very stern Declan raising his fingers to his lips and saying “Hey! Shush!” and pointing at his brother sleeping in the bouncer. Srsly guize, go get yourselves a toddler, 89cm of pure amusement.



  1. Im in love with that wonky log cabin! TI still haven’t made it to the new Penrith spotty yet, must make the trip soon I think!

  2. I think Dan has agreed in principle to come with me to the South Melbourne SL on Sunday! He wants me to make him a poncho… I see a very large spend happening! How do you get your hands on those $40off vouchers??

    I love your finished quilt! Binding is something that takes forever to get right… Clair and I would spend entire weekends HAND binding quilts!! and even then we’d both freak when we hit a corner.

  3. Declan sounds like such a cutie!

    Also I can’t believe you’ve been free motion quilting this whole time with the feed dogs UP! I think my arms would fall off! Definitely lower the feed dogs and set your stitch length to zero and your life will be a lot easier πŸ˜€

    I got me a -$40 Spotty voucher too but I just can’t justify $60 of fabric right now – if you can go with a friend and go halvies, $50 of fabric for $30 each sounds like a good deal!

    Two Cheese Please

  4. Thanks Sarah!

    Charm – they were emailed out to VIP customers earlier in the week πŸ™‚ I also have to ask why Dan wants a poncho – particularly combined with his current mo πŸ˜€

    Holly – I’m not that insane! My old machine didn’t lower them but it came with a plate that you clipped on to cover them up, just a little piece of plastic. It wasn’t terrible, just a bit harder to get the fabric to slide because of the extra thickness. I did another mini last night and the difference in the quality is huuuuge πŸ˜€

  5. […] to Auburn Spotlight this morning to see what selection they had in the $3 fabrics I mentioned in my previous post. All of the fabrics that were marked $3 in Penrith were $5 or $6 in Auburn. I was not a happy […]

  6. Damn it. I dont think I’ve changed my address with them. Must do that!!!

    Dans going to the Movember Gala Party next weekend. He’s now swapped from Mexican to 70s cop. He was being too picky about his poncho fabric so I just went and looked at wadding and ignored him in spotlight πŸ™‚

  7. urgh… i think i’m going to have to call you and talk about free motion quilting! i was hoping to get a quilt done tonight but i’ve tried three different things and nothing has worked. I dont want to do straight lines on this quilt!!! and now its 2am and i really should be in bed!

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