Posted by: Fern | November 22, 2008

Gnomlette Mini Quilt

Gnomlette Mini Quilt

I discovered this pattern by Sonja Callaghan about a month ago, I have no idea how or via where, but I fell in love with it and have been literally dreaming about making it, but I had never paper pieced before, skimming through the tutorial it all looked a bit overwhelming and a lot like hard work, but a couple of days ago after the boys went to sleep I started working on it.

Gnomlette TopGnomlette Back

Half an hour later I had a completed top! That even includes cutting time! I’m now officially a paper piecing convert. I took it out to Dan and showed him and he said “that looks excellent”, which is one up from his usual “that’s nice” so I was thoroughly chuffed that he was so impressed with it. Later on he made a snarky comment about something or other and I said that I was “taking my gnome and going to bed”, a light bulb went off over his head as he said “that’s what it was!”. Apparently it’s “somewhat abstract”. I will admit that it’s not exactly photo-realistic, but seriously, I can’t imagine it being anything other than a gnome and a mushroom. You know how coke is meant to dissolve pennies? I sometimes think coke has dissolved my husband’s brain.

Gnomlette LabelLast night I quilted and bound it, and this morning I made up the label and sewed it on, you’ll also notice that my binding is getting better, slowly. I added fabric to the original pattern to make it just a little bigger (the grass and the top and side pieces) so it ends up at 7×10 finished. It’s mostly $3 Lincraft homespun, the polkadots was from the remnant bin at spotlight, one of my charity shop pillowcases snunk in there, and the grass is from Eric Carle’s fabric designs. I like making things without having to buy anything new 😀

I am so happy with how this came out and how little effort it was compared to just how good it looks, seriously, look at how sharp those points are!. EVERYONE is getting paper pieced mini-quilts for Christmas now, put in your orders now!



  1. […] A couple of days ago I discovered the joys of paper piecing, it’s something I’d seen before but I’d written it off as being too much work and too time intensive, allow me now to take that all back! I made up Sonja Callaghan’s Gnomlette within half an hour and the results are, if I do say so myself, absolutely awesome. There’s a bit more info about it and some more pictures on my personal blog. […]

  2. Oh my, Fern! That really is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen!! I’m so impressed with your handiwork (both this one and the last quilt!). You’re very talented.

  3. I totally missed this post on my last read, it is great.

  4. Hey, great job on Gnomlette! I’m so happy you found it easy enough for your first paper pieced project, I hope the tutorials were clear enough. Hehe, watch out!! It’s completely addicting! LOL! Is it ok for me to feature your mini quilt on my blog?

  5. Sonja – Yep, that’s more than okay 😀

  6. […] begun something recently, Christmas presents! I think my family thought I was joking when I said they were all getting paper pieced quilts, ‘fraid not […]

  7. So cute!!

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