Posted by: Fern | November 26, 2008

Primatech FTW!

New T-shirt

Because my MIL had a go at me, have a picture of my son 😀 Never mind the 14 pages of him here, or the 2 pages of Connor here 😛 (P.S. Thank you for the parcel!)

Declan is modelling refusing to model a new piece from the Casa Del Fern fashion range (with some input from Best & Less!). A hand stencilled t-shirt with everyone’s favourite paper company on it. It came out surprisingly well considering I couldn’t find my craft knife and so cut the stencil with a split open safety razor, whilst watching the least anticlimactic Pop Idol finale in the history of reality television. The lines aren’t as sharp as I would have liked, but I’m sure if I actually had the right tools that would clear that problem up.

I picked up a load of blank toddler t-shirts when Best & Less had them on sale for $2 each so now I’m racking my brains with ideas of what to do with them. So far the best I can come up with is making the boys matching “Future Ninja” and “Future Pirate” t-shirts, any other input for slightly less lame ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I finally hit 1000 photos on my flickr account a couple of days ago, woohoo! My pro-account is also about to expire in 2 days and I’ve just discovered that Flickr have removed the paypal option from Australian accounts due to Yahoo Australia having issues with eBay Australia. It’s not a massive drama as Dan has I have a debit card, but I have some US$ in our paypal account from an article I sold to an American magazine couple of weeks ago (did I mention that?) and if I could pay with that then I wouldn’t get shafted on the current exchange rates. Bah to recession and currency fluctuations I say!



  1. Too cute! Where do I get myself one of those?! (Angelic toddler I mean, rather than the tshirt he is adorning! Although I continue to be impressed by your creativity!)

  2. Is primatech a real company? It’s the one in Heroes right?


  3. Claire _ no idea, let me know when you find the angelic toddler store, I wonder if they’ll do trade in on Declan 🙂

    Everydayman – It’s not real, although the website is very convincing.

  4. I made a shirt at work for kids and circus performers that has been well received – it says ‘i do all my own stunts’. I made it, because I do. Not a stunt double in sight.

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