Posted by: Fern | November 27, 2008

S&T – New Beginnings

Hey, check it out, this totally awesome site has started a totally awesome meme which will hopefully become a global phenomenon, get in there quick to so you can say when I’m being interviewed on Oprah about it that YOU were one of the first!

Or not. Whatevs. 😉

Quick note before going any further, if your name is Sue and you just so happen to be my sister, and you wish for your Christmas present to be a surprise, do not scroll down!

My first instinct for this theme was Connor, but then I figured that that was a bit predictable and trite, I could have also taken photos of my watermelon seedlings, but they’re not quite at seedling stage, infact they’re still sitting in their packet until I get some potting mix, so that’s a no go. Then I clicked that I have begun something recently, Christmas presents! I think my family thought I was joking when I said they were all getting paper pieced quilts, ‘fraid not guys!

Present For Sue

Last night I started on the first of six mini-quilts I have hope to make before Christmas, one with the deadline of the 13th of December, three for the 18th, one for Christmas day and one for whenever I get to the post office to send it to the states. This is a glimpse of Susan’s one, the top was finished at midnight and I’ll quilt it when I get a spare moment over the next couple of days. I love it, and I hope she does too.

So, 0.5/6 done, 5.5 to go!

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  1. O.m.gosh. I think I know what this is!! I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  2. LOL! Yes, you do know what it is 😛 It’s finished but not yet quilted, but looks awesome!

  3. Oh great! Hehe, you know I never did test it, so I’m glad I worked out all right LOL!

  4. IT, I”m glad “IT” worked out all right….*sigh* silly butterfingers!

  5. This has given me inspiration for Christmas 2010. I am going to make mini quilts with the theme of “On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me”……..A series of mini quilts for each day. Thanks

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