Posted by: Fern | November 30, 2008

We Are The Music Makers

I went to the Parramatta Record fair today… by myself! Dan has been at WordCampAU all weekend and I’d decided weeks ago that I wanted to go to the record fair,I just didn’t click at the time that it would involve going out with the two babies by myself, made even worse that Dan called about half an hour after he left saying that my main sling was in the back of the car. Oops.

But, I was a woman on a mission, I braved it, strapped Declan into the pram, threw Connor into my denim mei tai, packed my bag and headed out. The record fair was a minor success. Ever since seeing this picture I have become obsessed with my search for Disney LPs to display, in particular Mary Poppins, to put onto canvases and display in the family room.

Robin Hood LP
I left there with two records I picked up from the same bloke for $3 each, Robin Hood – one of my favourite Disney movies, and Bambi, not so much a favourite, in fact I’m really not keen on the movie at all, but the pictures are sweet, and Declan seemed to take a massive shine to it when he saw it up close (as I’m sure you can tell by the hands!).

Bambi LP
I came home and did a search on eBay as I hadn’t done one for a week or so and picked up The Jungle Book and Hansel and Gretel together for $10. H&G is probably destined as a giveaway prize on CraftBlog as the cover illustration is beautiful, it just doesn’t fit with my other designs.

Now that Robin Hood and The Jungle Book are ticked off, my “Want List” looks something like this…

  • Mary Poppins (but not the disembodied JA&DVD head one!)
  • 101 Dalmatians (there’s an auction ending on eBay in three days for this one which I have my eye on and will probably pick up if it doesn’t go over $5)
  • Dumbo
  • Aristocats

So it’s back to stalking eBay and Op-Shops for me. I’ll cut and mount the pictures when I get a chance, none of the records are in great condition so I’m deciding what to do with them, there’s only so many melted fruit bowls you can have!


I bought Declan a Thomas The Tank Engine flannel after going to the fair, he’d seen a blanket or towel with Thomas on in the shop window and had got excited so I said that we’d pick something up if he was good. He was excellent so we popped into the shop and I picked up the flannel (Aussie translation=”facewasher”) for him. He clung onto it the whole way back to the mall singing the Thomas theme tune (aka repeating “two-four-six-eight” adnauseum) and chanting “Thomas!” the entire time. Whilst I was queuing to get us some food he started crying, thinking it was just a tantrum about having to wait I didn’t think much of it, it wasn’t until we sat down and he told me “Thomas all gone!” that I realised what had happened. I traced our entire path back and asked three cleaners if they’d picked it up. No such luck. I wasn’t going to go all the way back and pick up a second one so he ended up with a new Thomas colouring book which seemed to heal the wounds.

I’m amazed every day at how his communication skills are developing, that he could explain to me what he was upset about. His most recent word is “Awesome!” which cracks me up without fail. He also tried chatting up a lady at the bus stop who was eating a chocolate bar with “Hi! Whatcha got? Mmmm… yummy?”, the toddler brain is a wonderful thing.



  1. i’ll keep an eye out at my local oppies.

    theres also a website with a heap of storybook mp3s that you might like… i’ll have a hunt around for it and link you later.

  2. I used to have Fox & The Hound – the vinyl inside was amazing – but my sister stole it. I think that’s my favourite disney movie along with Beauty and the Beast. Good luck with the search!

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