Posted by: Fern | December 2, 2008

I Seem To Have Been Attacked By A Brain Slug

  • Dan and I have switched roles, he’s going to bed at 9 and I’m staying up late, no idea why I’m having trouble sleeping lately. I’m not sure whether I like the time alone or dislike the silence.
  • I’m really struggling to get excited over Christmas, same as every year, as soon as December hits the homesickness kicks in. An Australian Christmas still doesn’t feel right to me, and I’m not sure if it ever will. I really need to start celebrating winter solstice. I bought D’s main present months ago when it was on sale (a tricycle) and will probably only do a stocking for everyone (Dan, Mum, Connor & Declan) as the kids certainly don’t need any more toys (although I’ll probably get some books for them) and Dan’s impossible to buy for so I’m at a point of giving up on him. Just call me Scrooge.
  • I got sucked in by sales and bought some fabric this afternoon, some for Connor’s bedding set – pirates as his birthday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and some Valeri Wells/Free Spirit prints (at $5 each!) for my grand project of 2009, more on that later in the month.
  • Rebecca is having a giveaway on her blog for some of her awesome bird ornaments, check it out, wish her happy 150th post and enter.
  • My two year blogiversary is coming up in two weeks, NN feels like it’s been around far longer than that.
  • Declan’s response to “And what do you say when you’ve been naughty?” this afternoon, following a time out for playing with the microwave for the 87,542,087,354th time that afternoon was “WINNER!!!!” complete with arms thrown above his head in victory. Sometimes the whole disciplining a toddler whilst not cracking up is very hard to do. The “sorry” thing is sinking in, now when he steals a blanket off his brother he’ll yell “sorry Connor!” behind him as he’s running away. Hmm.
  • Tomorrow we’re off the Clown Town in the morning with one of Declan’s little friends, then to Penrith to visit Leah and her girls and drop off a package, then back home where I intend to seriously cull the toys so I can start rotating them in and out to encourage D to be more interested in them, at the moment all he wants to do is draw, read junk mail or play in the dirt in the corner of the garden. I think the huge amount of toys we have collected is just a bit overwhelming, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Knackered, can’t type any more, off to bed 🙂


  1. I’ve been the same way with Christmas since I moved here, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t enjoy it the way I did growing up with the cold and the snow. Christmas in summer is just wrong.

  2. Winner!!!

  3. Even though I grew up with a warm Christmas too (in South Africa) I still get the wave of homesickness when it all starts up here. I can’t handle calling Father Christmas – Santa and there are so many little traditions that just don’t make sense to me, Kris Kringle, cold prawns for Christmas lunch, queuing for hours to get a photo with “Santa” (will still be doing this!) I know its mostly about the family and friends thing and this year I will be missing my family and our own little traditions and also missing my friends in the UK and our own “orphan Christmas traditions”. Sigh, I have to get into it for Amy’s sake though so no more bah humbug!

  4. Hi, thanks for mentioning the give away.
    I’m a Queenslander and even I think Chirstmas in summer is wrong! It’s so uncomfortable and it usually ends up being the hottest day of Summer up here.

  5. join the club, we are finding it hard to get into the xmas spirit while we melt away in the sun, my husband is desperately missing the snow this is his second xmas in the heat and he hatessss it!!!
    i did enjoy the beautiful white xmas i experienced over there, was such a thrill since Id never seen snow before!
    Im going to make cookies with eli for xmas this year, starting our own family traditions since we dont have any yet.

    Merry Christmas huney

  6. LOL – that’s a funny kid 😀

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