Posted by: Fern | December 4, 2008

Dear Santa

I just had the second person today ask what I and the boys would like for Christmas, so here is a completely self absorbed post for anyone who is interested in buying us a pressie or two.


The Anti-Coloring Book – I literally just put through an order on the book depository for some books for Declan and then spotted this, Damnit.

The Stitch It Kit – Jenny Hart fangirl that I am 🙂

Lotta Prints – I want to try some printing and this book has been recommended to me a few times now, so I thought I’d give it a go 🙂

Scissoroos – I am embracing my inner Aussie! I have been lusting over the all nickel Scissoroos (the ones at the very bottom) for a few months, they’re an awesome twist on the usual stork scissors.

Fabric Depot Gift Card – Save the best for last. I ❤ FD so much it’s reached a point where I’m not hiding packages that come in from them to make sure that Dan doesn’t see them, they’ve even started sending me random gifts every so often for being such a good customer… is that awesome or just embarrassing?

And of course, Spotlight vouchers never go astray 😉


D is very into colouring, cars/trucks, counting (did I mention that he can now count up to ten without any help?!) and anything with animals – animal sounds are very big with him at the moment, he’ll pick up a zebra toy and neigh, eat ham and oink etc. He also likes touchy feely types of books.

As far as merchandise goes there’s not much he isn’t in to, he likes Thomas, Dora, The Wonderpets, Lazy Town, anything with puppets/muppets, High 5, Diego, Roary The Racing Car.

He’s in size two clothes and by winter I reckon he’ll be in size three tops if he keeps on growing at this crazy rate. He needs some comfy summer PJs in a size that fit him 🙂

He isn’t very into building type stuff – duplo, megablocks etc. We have a box of these and he just doesn’t seem keen on them (yet). Stuffed toys are also not great, he has a tonne of these and just doesn’t seem interested in them, other than throwing them around his room and trashing the place if I take more than five minutes to open the door after he wakes up!

I’ve already bought him a trike, a puzzle and some books (Spot Loves His Dad, a Roary Colouring Book and a Thomas The Tank Engine one that makes sounds), I’m going out tomorrow for some stocking fillers tomorrow and he’ll probably be done. TBH, he has a lot of toys, and has his birthday coming up, so don’t go too crazy *cough* Trudy 😀


There’s nothing we really *need* for Connor, clothes wise he’s pretty much set with Declan’s old clothes. He’ll need a walker in a couple of months as his big boofer brother used his one till it died a horrible death, but that’s about it. That said, he likes pirates… he told me so.

He’s in size 000 clothes and will probably be in 00 by the end of January

From us he’s probably just getting some of Declan’s baby toys that have been packed away for a while wrapped up and put into his stocking! I was probably going to make him some soft blocks or shapes to play with and grab when he gets a bit bigger. So not really any concerns about doubling up there.

And I think that’s about it 🙂



  1. Those scissors are great! I think I might put a pair on my santa list too 🙂

  2. WTF! My kid is an amazon freak. Maisie, who is younger than Declan by a wee bit at least, it knocking on size 4!!!

    Noah is already in 00 and 0’s are starting to fit.

    Circus freak TALL children!

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